Are You Ready for Data Privacy Compliance?

May 5, 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation are only the start of the move to more stringent data privacy laws for businesses across the globe. Will you be ready when data privacy comes knocking at your door?

Your customers want control over how her information is used by customers like yours. The CCPA in California & GDPR in Europe are designed to protect consumer data. Additional privacy laws are in the works.

What does increased regulation mean for you? Your company collects personal information from consumers. Expanding privacy laws create new responsibilities and force new processes for handling this type of data. Your executives and legal team must ensure data privacy compliance; your IT team must identify quick and reliable solutions to do so.

Will you be ready when customer requests come in? Do you understand what data presents a risk? Do you know where this data is stored, how it is being used, and who has access?

How And Where Do You Start?

Prolifics understands your data technology needs. We can handle the system modernization and intelligent automation capabilities you need to be a good steward of customer information.

We are consultants and engineers—not attorneys. But our first step will be to talk with your legal team about applicable laws and where you stand with your data and associated risks.

From there, we’ll employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly locate personal information wherever it lives in your data universe and identify where data may be at risk of violating privacy laws.

We’ll help you to identify how your company uses personal information and who has access to it. Then, we’ll apply data management processes and procedure solutions to help you assemble and format this personal information into a digital catalog.

Data Privacy & Customer Access

Your customer’s experience is also important. We’ll provide a user interface solution that makes it easy for customers to send requests and that facilitates engagement. You’ll be able to receive, execute and reply to requests, all while leaving an audit trail that’s essential to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Prolifics offers a powerful solution that can be implemented quickly and efficiently. But if you already have data services in place, we can come in at any point to help your team complete the process. We also provide managed services to help facilitate data compliance efforts, freeing up your teams for high-value projects.

Data privacy laws are here to stay, and you are responsible for protecting your customer data. Let us help you.