Geek Out on Data Privacy

December 2, 2020

Do you have consumer data anywhere in your organization? Of course you do. Then this installment of Prolifics’ Geek Out series is crucial for you. Yep – it’s all about data privacy.

Data privacy is not slowing down or going away. More governments at all levels are proposing and adopting privacy regulations. You’re going to have to deal with it – the only question is when.

And dealing with it means technology – this is not a manual process you can throw a few employees at. You’ll need to find, itemize, tag, delete, update and otherwise manage consumer information wherever it exists in your company – quickly and efficiently. Fines and penalties await those who don’t.

The data experts from Prolifics and Data Sentinel are here to “geek out” on the new technologies behind data privacy and data governance. This tech will not only help you toward privacy compliance, but will lead to better decision-making, improved efficiencies, and increased revenue and growth.

After you watch the video, read more about Data Sentinel’s Sensitive Data Audit … and connect with us at to discover the data privacy solution that’s best for your business.