Retire Technical Debt and Open Up Data Science for All- Webinar with IBM

March 11, 2021

This second session of a 5 part series explored the topic of replatforming your legacy tooling to be ready for modern data science and AI. To succeed in AI, in addition to implementing new capabilities, you need to retire technical debt and bring all contributors in a unified environment. Dr. Michael Gonzales, Chief Data Scientist with Prolifics, Julianna DeLua, SME Data Science and AI with IBM and John Radi, Global Sales Leader with Prolifics discuss the following:

  • Key considerations when you decide to replatform
  • Architecting for the era of AI talent, technology, process and business
  • Diversity of tools for diverse talent – visual data science, programmatic data science and other tooling
  • How to get started with Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

This video originally aired January 6, 2021.

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