October 25, 2023

The Lineage Revolution

Illuminating the Path to Strategic Decision-Making Excellence

The Lineage Revolution: Illuminating the Path to Strategic Decision-Making Excellence


October 25, 2023
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Are you ready to unlock the power of data lineage and revolutionize your decision-making process? Welcome to ‘The Lineage Revolution’, where we dive into the transformative world of data lineage and its profound impact on strategic decision-making. Register for Episode 2 of our on-demand webinar series.

Why Attend?

  • Explore the fundamental building blocks of data lineage in today’s business landscape.
  • Learn how data lineage is the key to unlocking new realms of business intelligence and analytics.
  • Gain profound insights from real-world instances that showcase data lineage in action. 
  • Discover how data lineage empowers you to make pivotal, strategic decisions with confidence. 


Our lineup of distinguished speakers brings a wealth of experience and expertise:  


Frank Morreale, Sr. Solutions Architect at Prolifics 

Frank Morreale is a Senior Data Architect – Information Management at Prolifics. He is a highly seasoned consultant with more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology. He has delivered strategies for metadata management and data management across multiple industries. Morreale has extensive experience in delivering quality enterprise applications with a focus on data integration and quality. From 2000 to the present day, he has delivered results in defining data governance, data quality, and data integrity standards and methodologies.  


Ernie Ostic, SVP of Product at Manta

Ernie Ostic is the Senior Vice President of Products at Manta Software, a prominent figure in metadata integration and lineage. With a profound passion for data and its business value, he is dedicated to advocating for data’s role as a vital organizational asset. Ernie’s expertise lies in nurturing data curation, ensuring its quality and integrity for every company’s triumph. 

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Matt Crittenden, Information Governance Specialist, DataOps at IBM

Matt Crittenden is a seasoned DataOps and Data Governance Specialist, adept at steering clients through complex governance program initiatives. His unique mix of technical expertise and strategic finesse enables the creation and implementation of secure, compliant, and value-driven data strategies. With a talent for simplifying intricate concepts, Matt fosters collaboration and trust among diverse teams, consistently delivering innovative solutions that propel organizations towards data-centric success.