December 13, 2023

Avoiding AI Pitfalls With AI Governance

Avoiding AI Pitfalls With AI Governance


December 13, 2023
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Avoiding AI Pitfalls with AI Governance

Right now, everyone seems to be jumping into AI and generative AI with both feet. But using AI incorrectly can hurt your company’s reputation and sink customer trust.  

The needed guardrail? AI governance.    

In this webinar we discuss safeguarding your company from AI pitfalls through governance, and specifically IBM’s watsonx.governance.   

What You’ll Gain:   

  • What’s currently happening, and what’s next 
  • IBM’s watsonx.governance Introduction   
  • Addressing AI responsibility and bias   
  • In-depth AI quality, drift, and transparency analysis   
  • Starting your AI governance journey  

Our Speakers

Gregory Hodgkinson
Greg Hodgkinson is Prolifics’ Chief Technology Officer and Worldwide Head of Engineering, and an IBM Lifetime Champion. As a technology leader, he’s responsible for innovative cross-practice solutions for our customers, creating a foundation for innovation in the company, and driving improvements in the art of software development and delivery throughout Prolifics.

Madison Gooch
Madison Gooch currently serves IBM clients and partners as the Vice President of watsonx, IBM’s generative AI platform, across the Americas. She focuses on how generative AI will transform business through digital labor, productivity enhancements and revenue generation across use cases for customer care, conversational AI, employee experience transformation and application modernization.