Create AI-Generated Art Fairly with DreamUp by team on DeviantArt

Create AI-Generated Art Fairly with DreamUp by team on DeviantArt

Introducing DreamUp™, an image-generation tool powered by your prompts that allows you to visualize most anything you can DreamUp! DeviantArt DreamUp lets you create AI-art knowing that creators and their work are treated fairly.

All DeviantArt members can sample this image-generation tool with 5 free prompts. We've added new protections to let you declare how your art can be used with AI, and you can now control the amount of AI-art generations you see while browsing DeviantArt.

Whether generating an idea for inspiration, creating rough concept art before pouring hours into a final creation, or generating backgrounds and textures, conversations with deviants have uncovered tons of creative ways artists are finding to integrate AI art in their workflow.

Generating an image from a prompt is easy!

Your deviation will be automatically tagged as artificial intelligence and will note that it was generated by DreamUp. Your prompt will also appear on the deviation page!

We’ve heard many discussions as the popularity and access to AI art has begun to rise. Here is what we’ve heard loud and clear:

Artists should be able to declare whether their art can be used by AI models and datasets. You can authorize whether the content you submit on DeviantArt is authorized for inclusion in third-party datasets used to train artificial-intelligence models. Artists should be able to choose whether or not AI-images can be generated in your style. Artists who meet the criteria in our manual human review of applicants will be able to request an opt out of their username along with several desired pseudonyms linked to them be unavailable for use in DreamUp prompts. If an artist isn’t opted out, and their style is referenced in a prompt, they should be clearly credited. Full disclosure of artist references. Upon submitting to DreamUp, artists are asked if there were any specific artists referenced in the prompts. If the answer is yes, the submitter is required to tag the artist who inspired the DreamUp creation. AI images should be clearly marked as such. Images from DreamUp will be tagged automatically, so it will be easy to tell if the image is AI. If your art is generated from another artificially generated platform, please tag responsibly. Viewers should have control over how much AI art they see. You can now manage the amount of AI content you see on DeviantArt. Visit the AI Art topic and click the “...” menu, or learn more about how the feature works. AI should not be used for abusive or hateful content. Deviants are not permitted to create anything on DreamUp that is against our Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy. This means deep fakes and hateful or explicit content are prohibited. As with any deviation, if you come across inappropriate AI-generated content, please use the Report option in the “...” menu. We’re not ready for monetization. We are considering whether or not monetization options might be available in the future, but we need more time to understand how to do that in the best and fairest way for all creators.

Deviants who haven't yet upgraded to Core enjoy 5 free prompts to start dreaming. When ready to generate more, choose a level of Core Membership level that best suits your DreamUp needs.

DreamUp makes use of Stable Diffusion, a third-party AI model trained on image datasets gathered by LAION from across the internet. DeviantArt's updated Terms of Service also apply to all users of the LAION datasets, including to any further training of Stable Diffusion or derivative models. This means that deviants can declare whether or not the content they submit on DeviantArt is authorized for inclusion in third-party datasets used to train artificial-intelligence models.

A common misconception we’ve heard is that AI generators simply output a collage sourced from a bunch of images. In actuality, an AI generator looks at millions of images to understand shapes, patterns, and colors – similar to how an artist might search the web for photos of a tiger before drawing their own tiger – and then creates a brand-new image.

DreamUp a llama that’s never been seen before. Enter any prompt you can imagine with a llama as the subject to see what the artificial intelligence dreams up for you. Then submit with #DreamUpLlamas to earn a Dream Llama badge!

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, what’s permitted, and how you could use artificial intelligence to create, it’s time to dive into it and experience dreaming your imagination to life.

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