Anaconda | Introducing Data Science Training and Cloud-Hosted…

Anaconda | Introducing Data Science Training and Cloud-Hosted…

This year, Anaconda surpassed a milestone—we now have over 30 million users worldwide. We watched our community grow as Python became the world’s most popular programming language, as our CEO and co-founder Peter Wang announced the PyScript project, and as we expanded into new realms of data science tooling with our acquisition of PythonAnywhere. It is humbling to serve such a large portion of the data science community. As we continue to provide millions of people access to thousands of data science, AI, and machine learning packages, we asked ourselves, “How can we further expand access to data literacy and numerical computing? What can we do to further lower the barrier to entry?” Anaconda has been preparing the answer to that question for quite some time. Since the launch of our online community, Anaconda Nucleus, we have seen search terms like ‘Jupyter’ and ‘Python tutorial’ flood the platform as thousands of users look to get started. Finally, the day has come. We are incredibly excited to announce the release of a brand-new suite of products on the Anaconda Nucleus platform: Anaconda Notebooks and Anaconda Learning.

We’re also thrilled to introduce Anaconda Learning, an on-demand training portal where users can access experts who will break down the most complex data science concepts into foundational step-by-step instructions and bite-size code challenges. Code with experts side by side with Anaconda Notebooks Launch our in-depth course on how to Get Started with Anaconda or jump in with this 3-hour Introduction to Python Programming course! Learn how to read Python code, write loops, create objects and functions, and more! For those ready to dive in a little deeper, access our beginner-friendly courses on more advanced topics and learn from Anaconda’s resident Senior Data Scientist, Sophia Yang, as she breaks down how to approach, understand, and derive insights in her Introduction to Data Visualization with Python course. Or join Thomas Nield, founder of the Nield Consulting Group and instructor at the University of Southern California, in his comprehensive Introduction to Machine Learning course. All data science methods taught through Anaconda Learning are vetted, trusted, and battle tested by Anaconda. More courses will become available through Anaconda Learning periodically. Join Anaconda Nucleus to be the first to know when new courses become available!

Whether you’re just starting to learn data science, dabbling in Python for fun, or doing data science for work, Anaconda Nucleus has a little something for everyone. In addition to the new cloud-hosted notebooks and on-demand data science training, users can discover and explore hundreds of packages, exchange ideas and solutions on our community forums, access exclusive data science content, and back up their local environments for free. Anaconda Notebooks and Anaconda Learning are available through a single subscription on Anaconda Nucleus. Plans start at $9/month.

There are many exciting features on the horizon for Anaconda Notebooks. We will soon launch notebook sharing and hosted dashboard deployment capabilities to support expanded collaboration between data scientists, data science teams, and internal stakeholders. We will also be making additional storage and compute resources upgrades available soon! Anaconda Learning has many exciting features and courses coming soon as well. Courses such as pandas for Data Analysis, Introduction to SQL Programming, Open-Source Pipeline Security, and more will be available on demand. Anaconda Learning will also be launching Anaconda Learning certifications, allowing budding and experienced data scientists to level up their skills and show them off. Access all the tools you need to master the foundations of our data-driven world. Plans start at $9/month. Visit Anaconda Nucleus to learn more.

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