Near Real-time Analytics of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup with GooglyPlusPlus | R-bloggers

Near Real-time Analytics of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup with GooglyPlusPlus | R-bloggers

In my last post GooglyPlusPlus gets ready for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, I had mentioned that GooglyPlusPlus was preparing for the big event the ICC Men’s T20 World cup. Now that the T20 World cup is underway, my Shiny app in R, GooglyPlusPlus ,will be generating near real-time analytics of matches completed the previous day. Besides the app can also do historical analysis of players, teams and matches.

The whole process is automated. A cron job will execute every day, in the morning, which will automatically download the matches of the previous day from Cricsheet, unzip them, start a pipeline which will transform and process the match data into necessary folders and finally upload the newly acquired data into my Shiny app. Hence, you will be able to access all the breathless, pulsating cricketing action in timeless, interactive plots and tables which will capture all aspects of Men’s T20 matches, namely batsman, bowler performance, match analysis, team-vs-team, team-vs-all teams besides ranking of batsmen & bowlers. Since the data is cumulative, all the analytics are historical and current.

The data for GooglyPlusPlus is taken from Cricsheet

Interest in cricket, has mushroomed in recent times around the world, with the addition of new formats which started with ODI, T20, T10, 100 ball and so on. There are leagues which host these matches at different levels around the world. While GooglyPlusPlus, provides near real-time analytics of Men’s T20 World cup, we can clearly envision a big data platform which ingests matches daily from multiple cricket formats, leagues around the world generating real-time and near real-time analytics which are essential these days to selection of teams at different levels through auctions. For more discussion on this see my posts

We could imagine a Data Lake, into which are ingested data from the different cricket formats, leagues through appropriate technology connectors. Once the data is ingested, we could have data pipelines, based on Azure ADF, Apache NiFi, Apache Airflow or Amazon EMR etc., to transform, process and enhance the data, generating real-time analytics on the fly. Recent formats like T20, T10 require more urgency in strategic thinking based on scoring within limited overs, or containing batsmen from going on a rampage within the set of overs, the analytics on a fly may help the coach to modify the batting or bowling lineup at points in match. In this context see my earlier post Using Linear Programming (LP) for optimizing bowling change or batting lineup in T20 cricket

All of these are not just possible, but are likely to become reality as more and more formats, leagues and cricket data proliferate around the world.

This post, focuses on generating near-real time analytics for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup using GooglyPlusPlus. Included below, is a sampling of the analytics that you can perform for analysing the matches. In addition you can do all the analysis included in my post GooglyPlusPlus gets ready for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

The opening match between Namibia vs Sri Lanka resulted in an upset. We can see this in the match worm-wicket graph below

George Munsey was the top scorer for Scotland and was instrumental in the win against WI. His performance against West Indies bowlers is shown below. Note, the charts are interactive

Sikander Raza of Zimbabwe with 82 runs with the strike rate ~ 170

UAE pipped Netherlands in the middle overs and were able to win by 1 ball and 3 wickets

Curtis Campher snatched the game away from Scotland with his stellar performance in middle and death overs

Basoor Hameed and Zahoor Khan got 2 wickets apiece with an economy rate of ~5.00 but still they were not able to stop UAE from stealing a win

7. Overall Runs vs SR in T20 World Cup 2022

It is too early to rank the players, nevertheless in the current T20 World Cup, MP O’Dowd (Netherlands), BKG Mendis (Sri Lanka) and JN Frylinck(Namibia) are the top 3 batsmen with good runs and Strike Rate

8. Overall Wickets over ER in T20 World Cup 2022

The top 3 bowlers so far in T20 World Cup 2022 are a) BFW de Leede (Netherlands) b) PWH De Silva (Sri Lanka) c) KP Meiyappan (UAE) with a total of 7,7, and 6 wickets respectively

Note: Besides the match analysis GooglyPlusPlus also provides detailed analysis of batsmen, bowlers, matches as above, team-vs-team, team-vs-all teams, ranking of batsmen & bowlers etc. For more details see my post GooglyPlusPlus gets ready for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Do visit GooglyPlusPlus everyday to check out the cricketing actions of matches gone by. You can also follow me on twitter @tvganesh_85 for daily highlights.

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