The beginning of an end-to-end service industry

The beginning of an end-to-end service industry

A successful business is always looking to enhance how it delivers services, both to its customers and workforce alike. But the past couple of years has reshaped how we work, drastically redefining expectations on what great service looks like. This has led to the need for organizations to transform their processes to keep up and manage the changes happening around them.

We, at IFS assyst, have had similar challenges and transformed our processes to not only adapt to the new ways of working, but also to enable enterprises to kickstart their own business transformations. With these goals in mind, we are working towards creating exceptional end-to-end service experiences for everyone through great Moments of Service.

How are we achieving this? There’s never been a still moment at IFS. Here’s a breakdown of where we’re at.

A year after IFS’ acquisition of Axios Systems’ best-of-breed ITSM/ESM solution, assyst has gone through significant changes and improvements to provide better offerings to its customers and their people.

assyst has been helping enterprises around the globe optimize their ITSM processes and is one of the first enterprise solutions to support ITIL best practices. It further helps organizational transformation by enabling them to expand ITSM capabilities beyond IT and into the other areas of the business, such as HR, Finance, and Facilities.

A leader in IT service management innovation, assyst holds many firsts. In 2013, gamification was introduced for the first time in assyst to encourage genuine collaboration. And in 2016, assyst was the first ITSM solution to achieve accreditation for 16 PinkVERIFY™ ITIL processes.

Customers like the Saudi Post, Ministry of Media, and Abu Dhabi Airports Company are just some of the few organizations already benefiting from the strong functionalities assyst offers.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Despite the major challenges an acquisition entailed, assyst has only ramped up its efforts in providing a high-quality solution through investments in personnel, research, and product development. We have recently opened our new IFS office in Edinburgh and have grown our global workforce, equipped with several years of experience in propelling customers’ digital and business transformations.

We’ve also had some major wins in leading organizations that selected assyst to streamline key business processes and enhance the service experience through ESM.

Throughout the past year, we’ve also doubled down on ensuring the assyst solution is updated so that organizations are ready to tackle the most pressing issues of today and the future.

The IFS assyst 11.4 update released in November 2021 simplified the adoption of workflow technology, enabling companies to deploy the system more broadly within their business in a matter of weeks. The latest release, 11.5, expands on these capabilities, along with cloud discoverability features that enable complete control and visibility of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

In addition, to help our customers make the most of assyst, we’ve also launched the IFS assyst community. This is a platform for customers and developers to engage and collaborate in enhancing the service experience.

To help organizations kickstart their business transformation, we have turned our engines on and are letting everybody know about our brand. We understand the challenges companies face are not only industry-specific but also region-specific. In light of that, we turned to the different regions to really learn what are the key priorities of the businesses there and bring the best practices to the Middle East. In addition, our customers have also turned to add value to our global footprint by being referrals in their assyst utilization journey.

At IFS assyst, we are attracting talents from the market and investing in our resources. We have expanded our team of professionals to support enterprises in every aspect of their journey. With extensive experience ranging across different tech domains, industries, and sectors, we have a strong team that can help companies realize the benefits of ESM.

We also continue to be part of every major technology or business event in the region by which we can tell professionals about our story, as well as hear theirs. This helps us understand how we can work together in making business transformation as smooth and seamless as possible. Already, we’re excitedly preparing for Gitex Global, taking place in Dubai on October 10-14.

To further accelerate our growth, we partnered with leading organizations across the region to deliver the message of IFS and assyst, as well as deliver moments of service for everyone wherever they are. And lastly, we have launched our regional Customer Advisory board by which we will be always there for our customers listening and driving transformation hand in hand. Through this, we’re making sure the voice of our customers is heard and is reflected in our road maps as feasible.

Global brands trust IFS assyst to automate complex business processes easily without fuss. Every day, we deliver frictionless customer and employee experiences.

By using ITSM best practices, we help organizations take service management beyond IT, eliminating team silos and enhancing the service delivery experience. With our codeless technology, non-technical teams can create their own workflows and design solutions without relying on IT or external developers. And with our simple licensing model, organizations can take advantage of assyst’s ITOM, ITSM, and ESM capabilities under a single enterprise-wide license – no barriers for expansion across the business.

With Enterprise Service Management, organizations remove the mundane tasks out of their employees’ hands, freeing up time for work that really matters. This provides everyone the headspace for innovation and delivers results that have a great impact on the business.

ESM tools like assyst equip companies with a platform that delivers and supports corporate services wherever and whenever they’re needed, providing a smooth consumer-like experience. And built with flexibility in mind, assyst’s configurable tools and automation capabilities help employees work on their own terms, enabling everyone to perform at their best.

Customer expectations dictate that support should be readily available in their preferred communication channel. Long gone are the days when phone and email are the only ways to find help. IFS assyst’s omnichannel capabilities such as virtual chatbots and seamless digital integrations (e.g., MS Teams) help create a better service journey, enabling people to find solutions easily whichever channel they use.

Want to know what IFS assyst can do for your organization? Get in touch with us today to find out!

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