Choose Your Attitude!

Choose Your Attitude!

When many of us think about extreme athletic feats or accomplishments of great courage, often our minds go to imaginings like climbing to the top of Mount Everest, exploring Antarctica and reaching the south pole, or other such incredible undertakings.

How about rowing across the Atlantic Ocean – on your own?

That’s exactly what the opening keynote speaker at Pink23 did!

Businesswoman and adventurer Debra Searle is the opening keynote speaker at Pink23, the 26 International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition. She will speak on how to change your mindset, because she is convinced that “if we choose the right attitude, even when faced with what can sometimes feel like insurmountable hurdles, anything is possible. We always have a choice.”

The author of The Journey: How to Achieve against the Odds, Debra walks her talk – or, should we say, rowed her talk.

Debra is celebrated for rowing solo across the Atlantic after her then-husband and co-rower dropped out of the race with her. When Debra, a novice rower, was having doubts about continuing the race on her own, she embraced these words texted to her by her twin sister: “choose your attitude”.

Debra, who was recognized by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Royal Victorian order (MVO) and appointed to the Order of the British Empire (MBE), is dedicated to showing others how to build resilience and leverage their mindset so they can kick can’t out of their life. She says, “Programming your subconscious creates your reality.”

Ever the realist, Debra says she has to consciously practice choosing the right attitude, especially when things go wrong, or life gets busy. She credits this for enabling her to stay the course during her solo rowing journey. “I believe I made it because I chose my attitude daily and listed the benefits that would come from sticking to that attitude, which trained the subconscious part of my brain to look for opportunities to make those potential benefits a reality.”

One of Debra’s tips on how to realize your goals is to run mental movies of the future truths we want for our lives, because neuroscience tells us that we train our subconscious brain to find ways to make it a reality.

On her website, Debra is quoted as saying, “Research shows the success of top performers can be attributed to 75% attitude traits and only 25% skill set, yet very few people take the time to develop their attitude. I show people how to tap into that 75%.”

Let this dynamic and engaging keynote speaker show you how to choose your attitude – while attending the world’s premier IT service management event, now in its 26th hugely successful year…

Pink23 will be held from February 26-March 1, 2023, at the incomparable Bellagio in Las Vegas. Debra is the opening keynote speaker at the conference, which features a cutting-edge program of content-rich keynotes and sessions that includes ITIL, IT service management, Lean IT, Agile Scrum, DevOps, business relationship management, organizational change management, ISO 20000, and much more.

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