Back2Work: COVID-19 Workplace Compliance

March 21, 2023
Back2Work: COVID-19 Workplace Compliance

As organisations adapt to new ‘stay at home’ orders, we understand that some businesses simply cannot stop operations and shift to a ‘work from home’ model.    

Maintaining business output and keeping staff members safe in the workplace through traditional paper-based systems has proven to be slow, inefficient and unsafe, due to a crucial lack of accountability and overall visibility; this causes a huge risk to an employer as they’re unable to guarantee the safety of staff within their premises, potentially causing a closure of the entire workplace.

Our ‘Back2Work’ application ensures unequivocal compliance to workplace and government controls through real-time visibility and bespoke checks, giving you the ability to minimise losses and keep your business running.

Based on our widely adopted Inspect app used in Healthcare and Facilities Management, we guarantee a highly tested, easy to use app, which transforms your Covid-19 processes and helps keep staff safe.

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Some of B2W’s powerful features include:

  • Easy to use command centre allowing the management team to take remedial action, where required.
  • Full configuration of the application to match business size and structure.
  • Input of bespoke checks, unique to your organisation.
  • Notifications from staff to managers about their health, before entering the premises.
  • Centralised records of all checks conducted within the organisation.
  • Localised Contact Tracing.

How B2W would be applied in your workplace:

Our application offers simplicity at its core. Strong governance rules ensure that everyone from the management team to the frontline staff can easily access, report, and view their key information which can ensure safety for the whole facility. Here’s how B2W would operate on a day to day basis:

  • Checklists which follow your organisation’s guidelines on cleaning, revised ways of working and social distancing will be uploaded into the application.
  • A manager will validate these checks and confirm that the various controls around the facility have been conducted and the workplace is safe for entry.
  • Staff will provide a personal attestation about their health and will be approved by their manager for entry.
  • If an outbreak occurs, managers can quickly identify which part of the facility is likely to have been exposed and take remedial action by notifying all members within the immediate area.

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