Three benefits of Cloud Innovation on Red Hat OpenShift

March 21, 2023
Three benefits of Cloud Innovation on Red Hat OpenShift

In the course of speaking with peers, colleagues and customers I hear a number of messages loud and clear:

“We plan to get more workloads to the cloud”

“We need to adapt to serve customers in the new normal”

“We have to work harder to justify non-operational spend”

In many organisations IT leaders are in a difficult position – the business demands Cloud innovation but is reluctant to fund implementation where there isn’t an immediate guaranteed upside/benefit. This leads to a question we’ve all asked: “How do we prove Cloud Migration is the way forward for us, without wasting time or money?

While it can be tempting to rush into throwing something into the Cloud to ‘prove’ it works, it’s not the right way to innovate on Cloud or a successful migration strategy. At Prolifics, we set ourselves a challenge to create an affordable, valuable Cloud innovation solution where you can prove the value of Cloud in a fast and cost-effective way without cutting corners, to begin developing a strong strategy to move forward.

We aim to run a short-term engagement that will port a significant business function to a hosted Cloud / Container-based platform, testing and proving Cloud migration can work for your applications.  We then will work with you to develop a comprehensive migration strategy to modernise and future-proof applications.

To help us do this, we set some clear parameters on what organisations should be able to expect given what’s possible with Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform:

Business focus first

A barrier to entry for Cloud and containerisation is a lack of internally skilled resources. As an example, organisations can become caught up with trying to find engineers skilled in Kubernetes, when instead they want to focus on their ultimate goal of remodelling their business systems for competitive advantage.

A clear view of ‘Day Two’

Introducing Cloud-based microservices when you have been used to monolithic architectures involves a whole new set of ‘day two’ operations. Having a clear understanding of how management and operations change under a Red Hat OpenShift solution and the savings and efficiency that can be gained is vital to help your organisation make a commitment.

A choice of exits

Moving from on-prem to a vendor locked Cloud solution is not a strategic way forward. Investment in a move to a proprietary public Cloud platform provides a single view of the future and may limit further development. In today’s Multi-Cloud environment, taking your first steps on OpenShift provides a portable solution that can be executed on a wide variety of platforms ranging from public to private Cloud; facilitating future platform changes with minimal application disruption.

What benefits does innovation with Prolifics offer you?

After several months of working closely with key customers and our colleagues at Red Hat, we’re now delighted to make our offering public. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Answers to your business questions

Because we offer a fully hosted, managed service using Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, you can understand what your chosen application will look like when broken into microservices, allowing you to answer the following questions:

·      What business outcomes can the architecture give us?

·      What’s challenges can we expect?

·      What scale and performance can we expect?

2. A clear path

Our team of experts will demonstrate precisely how the migration process to a Cloud environment is executed, providing all the information you require to determine your path forward. This means you’ll be able to decide whether you want to continue with a Prolifics guided implementation with managed service support or take on the build utilizing your internal capability.

3. True Cloud choice

Using the OpenShift Container Platform will deliver an application that is truly portable. With many organisations opting for a Multi-Cloud strategy it makes sense to develop applications on a platform that lets you port to the Cloud or Clouds that best suit your business at a given point in time.

Expect more

Today, customers expect more flexibility and greater simplicity from the organisations they engage with. In return, the business expects more from IT. Prolifics makes it possible to begin the journey towards using Cloud and containerisation in a low-cost risk-free manner – working with us means that you can expect a lot more from your first steps towards Cloud.


Running a Cloud innovation engagement with Prolifics is risk-free:

·      No subscriptions

·      No obligation

·      No new skills required.

To find out more and have a conversation with a Red Hat solution expert, contact us or download our Solution Brief.