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With Cloud Solutions, The Sky’s The Limit

With Cloud Solutions, The Sky’s The Limit

Prolifics’ skilled cloud experts are ready to help you build and launch comprehensive architecture across the cloud.

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Scale Elastically with Resilient Cloud Platforms

In the highly competitive and technology-paced world, we live in, enterprises need to leverage suitable sources for faster innovation. The cloud experts at Prolifics offer a wide spectrum of cloud solutions that encompass the people, culture, processes, and complete infrastructure changes needed for lasting success.

Our cloud services help businesses with all aspects of planning and delivery of their cloud requirements, ensuring that your team has the necessary skills to support your goals. We cover the complex strategies involved when it comes to moving to the cloud, from building secure cloud platforms to migrating your software and workloads seamlessly.

The Advantage of Running Workloads in the Cloud
Running server workloads in the cloud is an efficient way to scale IT support and rapidly innovate your business. It is secure, up-to-date and never runs out of space – it is ready for massive amounts of diverse workloads.

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Cloud Services

These Cloud Services will help you drive value to your organization.


Our 5 Phase Cloud
Services Approach

Innovation is the key to success. It is what moves businesses and the world forward. By partnering with Prolifics, you’re opening doors to break through the competition faster. We work closely with your business to understand each and every aspect regarding it in order to apply the best cloud solutions. Our 5 phase approach to cloud services allows us to navigate opportunities for improvement and implement strategies that initiate innovation to scale effectively.

Cloud Strategy

Develop the right Cloud strategy for your business, including platforms and tooling, adopting new skills, and creating a cost-benefit financial model.

Cloud Quick Start

Benefit from our outcome-based approach, to move quickly from discovery to execution and with increased certainty.

Cloud Application Migration

Decide which of your key applications should be shifted and identify the optimal way to move them to the Cloud at scale.

Cloud Native Development

Design, build, test and deploy Cloud applications at scale and at speed, with Prolifics’ end-to-end development services.

Cloud Support

Support your Cloud infrastructure and applications with managed Cloud services from Prolifics tailored to your business's needs.

Our Cloud Partners

Enterprises can leverage the experience and expertise of an IBM Platinum and Global Elite Partner to create hybrid architects more quickly than ever before. Our partnership with the industry elites such as AWS and Azure has enabled us to design, build, test, and launch scalable platforms that are resilient and made for success.

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Cloud Services Workshops

You can choose from one of our free to low-cost workshops below or we'll customize a workshop just for you. It's a discovery that moves vision to value - faster.


Customized Cloud Services Workshops

  • Analysis of cloud infrastructure and capabilities
  • We work with key stakeholders across business and technology to understand your need
  • Provide you with a set of actionable recommendations
  • We’ll prioritise activities to meet your business goals.
  • Help you to budget by breaking down costs into phases
  • We’ll move quickly to execute the plan and give your team immediate experience of the process
  • Help you build the Cloud platform, migrate applications and realise the benefits.
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Cloud Operations

Modernize Your Business With Cloud


Clients can customize software to their own needs, scale services to suit those needs, and use cloud services from any location with an internet connection.


Enterprise users don’t have to worry about underlying infrastructure expenses or upkeep because they can launch apps quickly.


Cloud services provide businesses with the most cutting-edge technology available, giving them a competitive advantage.


Robust data security aided by API keys, encryption, and virtual private clouds.

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