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Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector

Visualize Data Flow, Simplify Decisions

Are you utilizing or transitioning to Microsoft Purview for your data governance needs?

The Manta-Prolifics Purview (MPP) Connector is designed to enhance the data lineage capabilities for Microsoft Purview customers beyond standard features. It’s created for systems where data lineage isn’t automatically captured and empowers users to leverage Manta for automatic collection of lineage information, without the hassle of custom development.

Seamlessly integrating this data into Purview, MPP offers a comprehensive lineage view, enabling better tracing of data journeys across systems.

Prolifics Launches Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector for Enhanced Data Lineage

Elevate your data lineage

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Total visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility into data assets and lineage relationships, improving data quality, compliance, and impact analysis.

Full compliance

Streamline governance to boost data management, cut costs, and mitigate risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Scale data lineage capabilities to meet evolving organizational needs efficiently, enabling enhanced business agility and adaptability.

Impact Analysis

Become more efficient at understanding how IT changes impact the data pipeline.

data lineage solutions for wireless customer

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Read how our client, a wireless services provider, tackled data challenges head-on with Prolifics MPP implementation, gaining visibility into data flow, ensuring compliance, and future-proofing operations. See how this solution could transform your organization.

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