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EDI Modernization for Healthcare

A Powerful and Open Alternative to Your Costly Legacy X12 Integration Systems

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EDI Modernization for Healthcare

Experience customized user interfaces and transparency in each step of the process

Prolifics’ EDI Modernization for Healthcare is a modern, drop-in alternative to existing legacy EDI X12 integration in claims environments. It’s an open system with an open data model that integrates with virtually any existing business system.

Our solution is meticulously engineered by Prolifics’ healthcare EDI experts using an off-the-shelf software stack for significant cost savings. It’s customizable, extendible, and enhanceable, with up to a 10x increase in throughput compared to existing systems.

EDI Modernization Healthcare

Take EDI X12 Transaction Processing in Claims to the Next Level

total support
Total support

Comprehensive HL7 V2/V3 and X12 Support 270/271, 276/277, 278, 834, 835/820, 837, NDC... and more

Full compliance

100% transaction correlation and archival for 100% auditability and full compliance validation

one click-blue
One click

Single-pane-of-glass audit console; unlimited customizable dashboards/reports; “one click” audit data


Fully containerized and cloud-ready – deploy on-prem or to the cloud, your choice at your pace

EDI Modernization

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Access this in-depth brochure for more detailed insight and facts about Prolifics EDI Modernization for Healthcare – a powerful and open alternative.

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Read how our client switched and saw huge cost savings, easy integration with other applications and databases, and simple-to-generate, customized reports.

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