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Providing An Efficient Digital Strategy To Higher Education

There is no question that institutions of higher education require a digital strategy. It’s crucial to engage senior leaders in the critical task of collaborating across campus to forge a common perspective, identify issues and opportunities, and demand the use of digital solutions. It is no longer an option to remain stationary. Everyone must be committed to moving an institution ahead and be willing to accept the much-needed change. Prolifics has the expertise and experience to assist such institutions in driving innovation and bringing about good change.

Prolifics Solutions For The Higher Education Sector

 Prolifics Solutions For The Higher Education Sector
Providing Comprehensive Managed Services for Universities

PSI University made the decision to consolidate the student experience with a single, cloud-based program while preserving the uniqueness that distinguishes PSI from other post-secondary options. However, as PSI lacked testing and data migration experience, a partner who could oversee this SMS change was required.

We are in the ideal position to help because of Prolifics’ history as a testing and automation partner for one of the top SIS providers in the globe. The university asked our teams to offer a comprehensive managed service that included performance, security, integration, and all functional and non-functional testing.

Prolifics sent out a team of 20 to handle the extensive demands of this cloud SMS transfer following an initial consultation to determine the scope of work. With a target completion date of October 2022, tasks ranged from early outset evaluation to thorough network scoping to developing a test strategy.

The final outcome? SMS platforms were built in the cloud to assist the school in delivering student success at scale. Moving to more flexible offers isn’t only about saving money; it’s also about being competitive in a world market where digital frameworks are being used to improve the student experience from application to enrollment, records management, and job prospects. For PSI, switching to cloud SMS was essential for laying the groundwork for the following 30 years. The project offered Prolifics the chance to demonstrate end-to-end management, which comprised data mapping, cleansing, testing, and validation.

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Challenges Higher Education Sector

Significant digital transformations are taking place in higher education, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. For enrollment rates to rise and to maintain the interest of current students, faculty, and alumni, college and university leaders must act rapidly to address these challenges:

Institutions of higher education are under pressure as never before to digitalize in order to remain relevant and responsive to the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century. This digital transformation is essential to ensuring that higher education can continue to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

One of the biggest challenges is the outdated systems and infrastructure that many higher education institutions are still using. This can make it difficult to keep up with the latest technology trends and meet the needs of students and staff. Another challenge is the lack of budget and resources. Many higher education institutions are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, which can make it difficult to attract and retain students.

The higher education sector is under pressure as it faces the challenge to ensure that its systems are secure and can withstand cyber-attacks. Furthermore, it is also facing a skills gap as there is a lack of qualified IT professionals. Institutions must invest in training and development in order to meet the needs of the sector.

The Prolifics Way To Resolve It

Prolifics can serve universities through smart automation and by increasing digital dexterity, driving culture change, and opening doors to much-needed digital initiatives to completely transform campuses.

To successfully accomplish a digital transformation by hiring, educating, and investing in the necessary IT experts and technologies, every institution’s IT department needs leadership support. This is where Prolifics comes in by becoming an extension of your team and discovering IT capabilities that drive value.

Institutions might think about making content accessible and relevant to each student’s educational objectives. Personalized education involves a thorough awareness of each person and knowledge of their interests. Prolifics experts help you unlock true data and leverage it for the best outcome.

Higher education institutions are bursting at the seams with private information; as a result, extremely secure storage is essential. Institutions can avoid using printers, fax machines, and inboxes by adopting the cloud. Institutional and student data are encrypted and backed up in the cloud, where they are only accessible online by authorized people from anywhere around the globe.

Helping The Higher Education Sector, One IT Project At A Time

By investing in new technologies and systems, higher education institutions can keep up with the latest trends and meet the needs of their students and staff. And by working with digital marketing experts, they can create a well-rounded strategy that will help them attract and retain students. With the right approach, higher education institutions can overcome the IT and digital challenges they are facing.

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