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Let’s co-create to overcome challenges with confidence.

Accelerate the Innovation Cycle

Our Innovation Center offers a powerful advantage to our clients. It’s a virtual sandbox environment where our experts come together from across the globe.

In the Innovation Center, we:

– Co-create with clients to build solutions that disrupt their industries

– Explore new technologies and architectures to determine their relevance to our clients

– Invest in developing new skills, capabilities, and technology accelerators that help us deliver more efficiently

Let's Start by
Answering These Questions

  1. Are we solving the most important problems?
  2. Are we using the best ideas?
  3. What's the best solution?
  4. How do we accelerate it for you?

Ideation is the key to innovation. We’ll work together to identify, assess, and evaluate a wide range of ideas designed to help your business in breaking boundaries and burst through any closed gates. Our experts will mold those ideas into digital solutions delivered with confidence and of course, innovation.

By understanding your business goals, objectives, challenges, and current capabilities, we’ll work out the right strategy for the best outcome. By creating a perfectly aligned roadmap, we help you make the most of innovative solutions to drive business results to points never before imagined.

This workshop is all about designing a user experience that meets business value. From functionalities to aesthetics, our team helps you in mapping out the best UX design that is bound to be impactful and successful for years to come. 

Discover What's Possible

Below are various client scenarios and the solutions we implemented.

The Innovation Sandbox

Innovation is a process that starts from within and moves outwards. The Prolifics Innovation Sandbox video series showcases how collaboration, and brainstorming sessions with experts in various industries help drive creativity for new ideas to solve business challenges.

Innovation Sandbox Episodes

Innovation Sandbox Episodes

Prolifics TV

Prolifics TV

The Prolifics Innovation Center Expert

Prolifics, a global digital transformation leader, is proud to announce that Greg Hodgkinson, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and head of the Prolifics Global Innovation Center, has been named an IBM “Lifetime Champion,” its highest award for non-IBM employees.

Hodgkinson is now part of a select group of only 32 individuals worldwide who have been nominated by their peers and recognized by IBM as “innovative thought leaders in the technical community.” As further described by IBM, “The IBM Champion Lifetime Achievement award recognizes an IBM Champion who stands above their peers for service to the (IBM Champion) community. Over multiple years, these IBM Champions consistently excel and positively impact the community. They lead by example, are passionate about sharing knowledge, and provide constructive feedback to IBM.”

Hodgkinson has previously been an annual IBM Champion for each of the past 10 years. He regularly presents at IBM conferences for both IBM employees and customers; actively writes and produces content around IBM products and tools; provides feedback and input to IBM; participates in beta testing; and helps create add-ons and accelerators that promote client adoption of IBM technology. Most recently, Hodgkinson has worked with IBM Cloud Satellite, which enables IBM’s hybrid cloud services anywhere – any cloud, on-premises, and at the edge.

Hodgkinson said, “It’s an honor to be in this exclusive club, and I’m grateful for the recognition it brings to Prolifics. But it’s not just about recognition for focusing on a set of tools and technologies. It is about actually driving results, both in terms of our customers’ success and also in terms of the expert capability within Prolifics around these tools and technology. I want to make sure I live up to this honor and continue to positively affect the IBM community.”

Kirsten Craft, Prolifics Global Head of Business Development & Marketing, said, “Greg truly embodies everything that the Champion program is meant to be – and more. He is very involved in the Champion community; he never hesitates to speak publicly about technology concepts he feels passionate about; and he looks for innovative ways to leverage IBM software across all Prolifics’ offerings. His enthusiasm for innovation and advocacy is in his DNA – it’s not something he does for awards. I admire Greg and am honored to work with him.”

Greg Hodgkinson
Greg Hodgkinson

London, UK | Orlando, US | Hyderabad, India


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