Business Assurance: The New Mentality of IT Solutions

February 16, 2020
Business Assurance: The New Mentality of IT Solutions

Business assurance was once a vague guarantee or pledge related to one’s business. Now it is interpreted as making choices and implementing solutions that account for factors that work towards the organization’s betterment.

We are not just talking about the Bottom Line, but about everything that must come together to help a business run smoothly and successfully. With this in mind, Prolifics’ IT solutions have necessarily expanded beyond merely dealing with immediate technical problems or needs to instead look at the big picture.

Your big picture.

Business Assurance through Quality: The Goal and the Method

Gone are the days when an IT solution could fulfill a client’s business assurance strategy as a secondary goal or by happenstance. In the modern market, where clients demand greater results than ever before for lower outlay, providing business assurance has become a part of our solution design and implementation process at every step.

The Future of IT Solutions is Business Assurance

Today, Prolifics considers it impossible for any IT solution to exist in a vacuum apart from all other people, mechanisms and resources at play in a client’s operations. The external and internal factors that must come together to achieve business assurance go well beyond anything Prolifics alone can provide for you. But this does not get us off the hook.

To ensure we are always moving towards your business assurance requirements and objectives, Prolifics looks beyond the actual specifics of any solution we provide. In fact, sometimes we are looking well over the horizon.

Where Prolifics’ IT Solutions Begin

Our solutions seek how to achieve the utmost performance and effect for the client’s immediate IT needs. We then consider how the solution maps to that specific client’s business assurance requirements and strategies. No two companies define their business assurance needs identically, so Prolifics’ IT solutions must be mutable and adaptable.

By accepting that business assurance is a necessity, we consider how the solution’s mechanics and functionality go beyond the confines of what it is directly intended to do. By considering all outcomes – the good and the bad – Prolifics realizes new paths to innovate better functionality and implementation. We also come to understand how the solution, as-is, will peripherally affect your business. We are then able to shape and improve our offerings in ways that resonate throughout a client’s designs for business assurance.

Our solutions need to go beyond merely providing you with an IT service. Prolifics’ solutions must provide benefits to aspects of your company that do not even directly utilize the affected systems.

BA 360: Prolifics’ Business Assurance IT Solutions at Work

Take Prolifics BA 360 Automated Test Design Tool as an example. On the face of it, BA 360 is an automated quality assurance tool that addresses the task very scientifically, but it offers much, much more. BA 360 offers business assurance through quality because its innovative functionality not only sees dramatically impressive test quality results (its primary purpose), but its innovative methodology means the results go well beyond what is typically expected of such a tool.

Let’s first examine the outcomes a Prolifics client enjoyed that are directly related to the solution’s quality assurance mandate:

  • Developed 1,500 test cases for their system in four days.
  • Scope coverage increased to 99%.
  • Achieved 99%+ defect removal efficiency (DRE).
  • Zero post-production defects.

On its own, these results are impressive and got our team very excited. That number of test cases previously took two weeks to produce, their scope coverage was well below 99%, and the typical post-production defect rate used to fall between 5% and 10%.

Clearly, Prolifics’ BA 360 solution was getting the job done, and done well, but what effect did it have on the client’s business assurance demands?

  • Its innovations helped complete the project weeks ahead of schedule despite fewer than expected staff working on it.
  • The user-friendly UI increased user understanding of the testing process and improved visibility.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) was halved.
  • Quality assurance workflow is faster, easier, and more efficient for staff.

BA 360 allows fewer people to do far more, freeing up the client’s IT staff to take on other tasks and enabling them to accomplish more during their workday. The resulting reductions in cost and other required business resources allowed the client to pass those savings along to their customers. Furthermore, the fact that quality assurance has become easier and more effective, resulting in fewer related mistakes to be fixed, has increased employee morale.

And guess what? BA 360 is intended to provide results like this. Such outcomes are an essential part of its design process.

Because it was designed with business assurance in mind, BA 360 can note information human operators may miss while creating testing requirements. Its systematic approach to testing requirements means the operator must understand the requirements and their validation to begin. This is a check and balance against human error intended to provide the overall business with assurance rather than merely addressing the framework’s immediate operations.

As a final acknowledgment of the undeniable need for business assurance that IT design must now accommodate, all test outcomes and designs are on the cloud. This prevents data loss due to environment crashes or corruption, ensuring your business can proceed even when your system cannot.

Why Your Business Deserves a Business Assurance IT Solution

The market for IT solutions providers has never been more competitive. Gone are the days when an IT solution provider can walk into your business, install some out-of-the-box software to spec, hand over the user’s manual and walk away. Prolifics’ Business Assurance through Quality approach to IT solutions is ahead of the competitive curve, where all businesses will need to move if they want to survive. Incorporating business assurance strategies into IT solutions will become the norm.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s an exciting time to be in this business.