Generate Field Work Efficiencies with Our Inspection Platform

February 13, 2020
Generate Field Work Efficiencies with Our Inspection Platform

A simple name for a highly integrated solution

Although the Prolifics Innovation Center gave it a simple name – “Inspection Platform” – the solution the Center created contains sophisticated mobile, web and microservice design elements. The Inspection Platform is also an excellent example of our Center’s ability to expand and accelerate a specific solution – through flexibility and scalability – to other uses and situations.

The Inspection Platform started as a project with our client, the health regulator of a Middle East country. The client needed a systematic way to manage, conduct, track and document onsite inspections of health care providers, such as hospitals and clinics, to ensure compliance with health regulations, policies and procedures. The Prolifics solution started with a mobile (iOS and Android) app for the inspection execution, integrated with a web planning and tracking portal with back-end administration and reporting capabilities.

Our extremely pleased client saw that the user-friendly Inspection Platform resulted in high-quality, rapidly completed inspections and reports. This meant that current health providers stayed up and running while new providers came onboard quickly, all helping to ensure health care access for millions of citizens.

What are the benefits – and other uses – of the Inspection Platform?

Our ability to work with a client to create a customized “continuum” – mobile app, plus a web portal, plus back-end capabilities – results in very effective workflows, from scheduling to site visits and mobile data collection to final report. It generates the most efficiency from a dispersed workforce that needs to be at specific locations collecting specific data. The Prolifics Innovation Center is already working with clients on the following scenarios:

  • A sales team for an HVAC company collecting measurements and other requirements to generate proposals and create quotes for their customers.
  • A correctional institution documenting a checklist of observed behaviors when dealing with inmates, and a series of procedures when transferring inmates.
  • City inspectors examining construction sites and structures for building code compliance.

As opposed to a static, “out-of-the-box” software program, the Inspection Platform is flexible and scalable enough to handle any scenario that calls for:

  • Use for onsite, traveling and/or real-time environments and field work. The Inspection Platform supports iOS and Android devices, both mobile and tablet, of varying display sizes. It utilizes the smart device’s capabilities – like location, camera, audio and video – that the user could want for their project.
  • The need to collect data, answer questions and/or document situations in a systematic manner against specific requirements or guidelines. The Platform’s “Smart Inspection Advisor” is an AI-based algorithm that assists the user by automatically generating checklists based upon various criteria.
  • The need to quickly and accurately generate reports, feedback or other output that can be readily acted upon.

The architecture of the Inspection Platform supports the ability to “plug and play” with a client’s existing infrastructure, increasing efficiency and reducing learning curves.

About the Prolifics Innovation Center

The Prolifics Innovation Center leverages our decades of experience to build next-generation solutions like the Inspection Platform. We provide the leadership and vision that keep organizations competitive. Our experts work closely with our customers to incorporate feedback and tailor our solutions to real-world business needs. If you would like to learn more about the Inspection Platform or become part of our Innovation Center, please email us at

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