Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

May 5, 2020
Prolifics Recognized as IBM 2020 Beacon Award Finalist

We’re proud to share the news! Prolifics is an IBM 2020 Beacon Award finalist in two categories – “Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution” and “Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare solution.”

“IBM is proud to recognize Business Partners who strive to enhance client experiences, drive business growth, and change the world…The IBM Beacon Award recognizes Business Partners worldwide who use IBM products and technology to create outstanding solutions and spark innovation,” states IBM on their site announcing this year’s award winners.

IBM, on the company’s website announcing this year’s award winners

Prolifics Open Banking SaaS Solution Recognized in Outstanding Hybrid Cloud Solution Category

The Prolifics UK Innovation Lab originally implemented the solution for a large British banking organization and has since implemented it at multiple major banks in the UK.

Recent Open Banking initiatives in the UK and the EU’s PSD2 are changing how banks, their customers and third parties access, share and secure the customers’ financial information. These regulations reflect customers’ desires for digital access and self-serve functions for financial products and services, as well as ownership and portability of their digital financial accounts and transactions across providers.

Prolifics sees these initiatives, along with similar ones in the US, Middle East, Australia and Asia, as opportunities for financial organizations to reinvent themselves as more open, responsive, customer-centric and partner-friendly. Our Innovation Through Open Banking solution offers:

  • Securely exposed, open APIs for use by both the business and third-party organizations
  • A robust SaaS API management platform, leveraging IBM’s leading cloud, API, and integration products
  • Access to a preconfigured sandbox environment built on IBM Cloud/SaaS software, enabling rapid testing of integration points
  • A dedicated Prolifics managed services team that helps manage post-deployment complexities, freeing the organization to focus on customer service and future innovation

The solution provides a quick win and a quick path toward compliance with the new regulations. With the solution in place, the client can rapidly build a secured API marketplace, generating new products and services and adding new features to current offerings.

As similar initiatives arise elsewhere in Europe, the UK and around the world, this solution can be quickly adapted to meet those requirements. It is also a good fit for banking organizations seeking to innovate business practices in an open banking, API-centered model. But the base solution isn’t restricted to Banking – Prolifics has also extended the underlying IBM solution to provide capabilities for other industries such as Open Insurance and FHIR for Healthcare.

Prolifics Blockchain Solution Recognized in Blockchain-Supported Interoperability for Healthcare Solution Category

Prolifics Blockchain Solution is a product of our Innovation Center. Recognizing that blockchain will be a highly sought-after technology, the Innovation Center drew on our healthcare expertise to create demonstration scenarios for the healthcare industry. Blockchain benefits for healthcare include a unified, secured view of data across disparate healthcare entities, provisioning of information necessary for patients to make informed decisions, and overall streamlined claims processing. In short, the outcomes of this solution lead to improved revenue cycle management along with enhanced patient relations.

The solution is currently being leveraged within the healthcare industry to build a blockchain network across multiple business units. This solution will deliver a variety of benefits to the involved organizations, including real-time transparency, customer-centricity, cost savings and business agility.

While the healthcare industry is our immediate focus for this innovative blockchain solution, it is directly applicable and viable across multiple industry segments.

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