Gaming Company Reduces Reporting Time from Days to Minutes

November 15, 2022

Database migration cuts costs and creates greater workplace flexibility

Our Client

Our client, a large, national gaming corporation (NGC), is a gaming and hospitality company based in the Southwest and is currently comprised of more than 25 properties in multiple states. Prolifics is working with NGC to modernize its systems, many of which are older legacies that don’t communicate well. We’re also providing managed services to ensure NGC does not experience technology gaps as it continues to grow.


Our client was using a legacy, on-premises data warehouse. This meant they were relying on an older database that could only be accessed and managed from their workplace. This posed monetization challenges, given that they would need to continue spending money on all of the updates and software necessary for keeping this outdated system up and running.

Our client also needed to pay large groups of employees to develop business intelligence (BI) reports using self-service tools. However, they had to issue a service request for those reports to be completed, and it often took numerous days for those results to be delivered back to them.


Due to previous successes, our client developed a sincere level of trust in our expertise and recommendations. This same trust is what ultimately led them to recently choose us to help them migrate to a more modernized SQL server where they could load up and instantly access all of their self-service tools and corresponding reports. We conducted a five-week workshop that was geared towards advising them on the best approach to take, with Snowflake Data Cloud being one of them.

This eventually progressed to our client asking us for assistance with migrating to the Snowflake platform. Our client felt that migrating to Snowflake was the best option for them for many reasons, including having witnessed previous demonstrations of its success in action. Today, we continue to assist them as implementers of Snowflake, including preparing them for what’s to come, as it currently resides on Amazon Web Services.


Ever since we started migrating them to Snowflake, our client regained a new sense of flexibility in the workplace. Greg Kordelski, Client Success Director at Prolifics, sums this up best as, “Now, they can branch out and choose whatever software they want and it will plug in, including data governance and holistic data governance.” Our efforts also allowed our client to start monetizing their data.

This means that the client can now, as Greg says, “Do things on a more custom level to what they want by clicking and dragging instead of putting in a service request.” All of this creates a better, faster, cheaper approach for our client, in that they no longer have to invest in and wait for assistance from developers that would normally take days to receive.


Snowflake is a single, global platform that operates the Data Cloud. It is specifically designed to create global relationships between businesses, across any form or span of data and diverse workloads, as well as enable seamless data collaboration.