Men’s Fashion Retailer Finds Best Fit for Data Privacy and Governance

August 16, 2021

This retail holding company (RHC) is a U.S.-based parent company to several specialty menswear chain retailers. It has offices and a large consumer base in California, although it is not headquartered there.


Where’s the Important Data Stored?

RHC has a customer presence in California, which makes it subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This gives consumers a series of rights over their personal data held by organizations. Our client’s first challenge was to locate where all its consumer data was stored. Different legacy systems controlled by different departments held the data, and these systems didn’t communicate. That put RHC behind on meeting CCPA requirements, leaving them at-risk for substantial non-compliance fines.


Data Privacy Workshop and Audit Keys to Success

We first conducted a data privacy assessment workshop with RHC and performed a data privacy audit. Prolifics offers this as part of our “CCPA jumpstart.” It includes a data inventory and sampling, applies documentation and architectural requirements, and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/AL) to find all of a client’s consumer personal data and identify where there may be risk of violating privacy laws.


More Data Sources Discovered

Using our internal tools and accelerators, we discovered 163 different sources of data. RHC only knew about a fraction of these sources. Now it knows where all the consumer data it collects comes from and where it’s located.
Going further – the governance and security connection to privacy

Prolifics considers consumer data privacy to be a part of data governance and connected to corporate security. And we understand that good data is critical to everything a company does. Beyond the jumpstart, we’re helping RHC determine how best to organize, manage and govern all its data and data systems. Based on RHC’s desired business outcomes, we conducted a data maturity assessment to determine how best to structure their data. This included an organizational assessment to help put data policies in place and determine specific employees’ roles and responsibilities around the data.

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