Modernization Pays Big Dividends for Investment Firm

March 28, 2023

Our client is a leading investment manager, asset manager, and service provider, with offices around the globe. The client focusses on commercial and residential real estate underwriting; risk management and credit/asset finance solutions; and directing management teams in organizations for private equity investors. This client took advantage of our Integration Modernization offerings.

Our Client


Our client had a large number of business-critical, legacy applications that were built over a long period of time. The client used one of these systems to manage the majority of its investor fund business operations – the technical backbone of the company. In addition, the client acquired different organizations through the years that brought in their own legacy systems.

These legacy technologies, especially the investor operations system, were being “retired” by the providers – the latest operating systems and browsers would not support the legacy application.

The client looked for a global partner with the technical expertise to do the secure/sensitive work onsite, with other work done cost-effectively offshore. The client tried three different providers, each failed and was dismissed from the project. It was at this point that the client and Prolifics connected.


We held initial discussions with the client to understand their systems and applications. We concluded that it would be very difficult to take on their technology landscape and modernization projects as an “outsider.” So, we offered a different model. We proposed that for 1-2 months we would have Prolifics functional experts, technical experts, architects and testing experts work directly with client personnel to understand the client’s business and systems, and together build the project roadmap. Once we all agreed on the roadmap, we’d have Prolifics offshore team do the majority of the work with an onsite team integrating it back.

Prolifics executed the project end-to-end in seven phases, over almost 2.5 years, with interdependent modules. During this time, we did a knowledge transition with the client, working with their personnel at user acceptance testing (UAT) and go-live phases. We also enabled their technology team to be the first line support to the business, with Prolifics providing managed services for regular maintenance and upgrades.


As business-critical functions ran on legacy, soon-to-be-unsupported technology, the major result of the integration/modernization was that the client can continue its business – with significantly improved technology performance. In addition, we completely revamped how the systems functioned in terms of data security. Finally, we improved the public-facing side of the client’s technology for a better user experience, including a notification engine to send alerts.

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