Prolifics Managed Services Deals Winning Hand for Gaming Company

August 20, 2021
Prolifics Managed Services Deals Winning Hand for Gaming Company

Our client, a large, national gaming corporation (GC), is a gaming and hospitality company based in the Southwest and is currently comprised of more than 25 properties in multiple states.

About our client


Multiple systems, older technology, limited resources

GC was using multiple technologies and software products — both behind the scenes and in front of guests — to keep the business running smoothly. However, most of the technology was older, legacy systems that didn’t communicate with each other and GC found it didn’t have the internal resources to manage it all. The “running smoothly” was in serious jeopardy. Prolifics had begun working with GC to modernize systems and had also been providing managed services to plug GC’s tech gaps. Things were on the right path – then COVID hit.

Like every organization in the entertainment and hospitality industry, GC was shuttered for months. Their casinos and hotels closed, and they furloughed much of their workforce. The employees who stayed had to work remotely, but GC’s systems lacked the sophistication needed to support an offsite workforce. Their already precarious IT situation was exacerbated by COVID’s effects on their business, and the situation was dire.  


Identifying essential functions key to survival

Together, Prolifics and GC knew we had to put the modernization efforts on the back burner and focus on GC’s survival. The Prolifics team quickly pivoted to a new plan that would help keep GC afloat. We suggested a managed services plan in which we would prioritize and manage their IT tasks. We reduced less essential IT functions and took over essential ones so that the company could continue to operate with a skeleton staff. We put the new managed services plan into effect quickly, and our strategy became crucial to keeping the business operating.


Running full capacity after COVID shutdown

By bundling GC’s essential technology functions into a cost-effective and lean managed services plan that fit GC’s dramatically reduced budget, we helped the company remain operational without a considerable cost burden. Greg Kordelski, Customer Success Leader at Prolifics, said, “We invested in GC’s welfare and focused on our client’s best interests in order to help them weather the challenges associated with COVID.”

Outsourcing GC’s IT functions through managed services was vital because GC didn’t have to maintain the staff to handle their IT functions, which saved them money while they struggled financially under COVID lockdowns. This managed services plan also allowed GC to respond quickly to a changing environment, like technology for the offsite workforce. Rather than take the time to train new staff, they relied on experts who could hit the ground running.

Our managed services strategy ushered GC through the COVID crisis and now, post-COVID lockdowns, all of GC’s properties are open again and running at full capacity. Together, Prolifics and GC are working toward stabilizing the business after more than a year of upheaval, and soon will restart their modernization efforts. GC learned by weathering the pandemic that modernization is essential, and they’re relying on us to accelerate and implement the roadmap.

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