Security Modernization Enhances Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

June 6, 2023

Leading insurance provider improves security of third-party communications

Our client is a leading multinational property and casualty insurance provider. They have been a client with Prolifics since 2017. This project falls under Prolifics’ Identity & Access Management Modernization offering.

Our Client


Our client relied on customer data and information supplied by third-party vendors that would help our client set competitive insurance rates for those customers. However, over time our client’s legacy applications did not keep up with the latest authentication and security features that the third-party vendors required to connect into their systems. Because of the client’s outdated identity and access management capabilities, they could not access and utilize valuable customer insights for issuing competitive rates – lowering customer satisfaction and losing business.

Having learned about the accomplishments of Prolifics at an event and confident we could help them in a similar way, they sought out our Identity & Access Management Modernization experts for help.


To fix these problems, our client needed to migrate from their legacy authentication systems to modernized authentication systems that met their identity and access management needs. However, an additional challenge was their gap in understanding how the new technology would work and how it would integrate with their applications.

To start, we conducted design workshops with all the client stakeholders present in a single room. We helped the client understand and evaluate the new technology concepts.

Together, we identified the most critical third-party vendor applications as use cases for the new security framework, which we then developed and implemented.

We then implemented our solution for the remaining pieces of the environment.


By modernizing our client’s identity and access management capabilities, we enabled theenhanced security for the sharing of customer information from the vendors. Our client could now leverage valuable customer insights and offer competitive insurance rates. As a result, our client is experiencing significant increases in revenue and customer satisfaction – all while ensuring the security and protection of sensitive data.

Our Prolifics subject matter expert said, “Our client was using legacy authentication frameworks, so we implemented modern authentication frameworks. This is the core theme of Identity & Access Management Modernization, to help customers move off legacy systems.”

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