Wireless Service Provider Implements Data Lineage Solution for Informed Decisions

March 28, 2024
Wireless Service Provider Implements Data Lineage Solution for Informed Decisions

Client: Wireless Services Provider

Our client is a wireless services (telecommunications) provider (WSP) operating primarily in the United States. They offer prepaid wireless services to customers, including voice, text, and data plans. 

Challenge: Data Management Hurdles

WSP faced challenges in managing their data effectively. With their operations expanding, they needed a solution to organize their data better to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with regulations. 

WSP struggled with: 

  • Data Chaos: With a complex data environment spanning IBM DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, SSAS, and SSIS technologies, they had a hard time keeping track of where their data came from and how it was used. This led to confusion among teams and hindered their ability to extract valuable insights from their data. 
  • Compliance Concerns: Without a clear data lineage system in place, they found it challenging to adhere to regulatory requirements and internal data governance policies, putting them at risk of penalties and reputational damage. 
  • Scalability Issues: As WSP continued to grow, their existing data management solutions couldn’t keep up with the increasing volume and complexity of their data. 

Action: Implement Data Lineage Solution

WSP partnered with Prolifics to implement a comprehensive data lineage solution tailored to their needs. This solution involved deploying MANTA Software, a powerful data lineage tool, along with the MANTA-Prolifics Purview (MPP) Connector, which seamlessly integrated with their existing systems. We set up a Purview instance in Prolifics Azure environment, enabling WSP’s SME’s to verify the results of the data lineage. 

Results: Making Data Flow Visible, Ensuring Compliance, and Future-Proofing

By working closely together, Prolifics and WSP made sure the new system was a perfect fit for WSP’s business, helping them manage their data better and make smarter decisions. This will lead to better service, enhanced security, personalized offerings, and quicker issue resolution for customers, improving their overall experience and trust in WSP’s services. 

  • Visible Data Flow: The MPP Connector enabled WSP to automatically track the journey of their data across various platforms and technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, SSAS, and SSIS. This provided them with a clear understanding of their data flow and dependencies. 
  • Compliance Ready: By leveraging MANTA’s capabilities and the MPP Connector, WSP could ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies. They could easily trace data lineage, which was crucial for demonstrating accountability and transparency in their operations.  
  • Future Ready: The scalable architecture of the solution ensured that WSP could accommodate their growing data needs without compromising performance or efficiency. As their operations expanded, the MPP Connector could seamlessly scale to meet their evolving requirements. 


  • MANTA Software: A powerful data lineage tool capable of scanning and analyzing metadata from various data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI, SSAS, and SSIS. 
  • MPP Connector: Facilitates the integration between MANTA Software and WSP’s data lake on Azure, enabling seamless extraction of metadata for lineage tracking. 
  • Microsoft Purview: Leveraging Microsoft Purview, WSP’s data governance platform, to visualize and analyze data lineage information generated by MANTA and MPP Connector. 

By partnering with Prolifics to implement a data lineage solution, WSP successfully addressed its data management challenges and positioned itself for future success. The solution provided WSP with the visibility, governance, and scalability needed to effectively manage its data assets and drive informed decision-making across the organization. 

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