Prolifics Launches Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector for Enhanced Data Lineage 

April 23, 2024


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Prolifics Launches Manta-Prolifics Purview Connector for Enhanced Data Lineage 

Orlando, Fla., April 23, 2024 – Prolifics, a global digital engineering leader, introduces the Manta-Prolifics Purview (MPP) Connector in collaboration with Manta. This innovative solution provides enhanced visibility, governance, and scalability for managing data assets and facilitating informed decision-making across organizations. 

The MPP Connector is designed for Microsoft Purview customers seeking to enhance their data lineage capabilities beyond the standard scanning and ingestion features provided by Microsoft Purview. 

How it Works: 

The MPP Connector seamlessly integrates Manta’s automatic collection of lineage information into Purview. Manta extracts metadata, establishes lineage relationships, and exports the information, which the MPP Connector then reorganizes for seamless loading into Purview. This comprehensive lineage view within Purview facilitates effortless tracing of data across systems, addressing challenges such as data quality enhancement, compliance assurance, impact analysis facilitation, and cloud migration comprehension. 

Features of MPP Connector: 

  • Enhanced Lineage Integration: Integrate Manta’s sophisticated lineage seamlessly into existing Microsoft Purview solutions. 
  • Comprehensive Governance Initiatives: Enable comprehensive governance initiatives for improved data management and compliance assurance. 
  • Unified Lineage Capture: Expand across diverse tech types* (e.g., ETL tools, databases, BI platforms) beyond specific systems like IBM DataStage, SSIS, MS SQL, Power BI, and SSAS. Seamlessly integrate lineage from any Manta-supported source for broader insights compared to Purview alone. 
  • Deeper Lineage Access: Creates a link back to the detailed lineage viewer in Manta, providing Purview users with access to a more comprehensive lineage view compared to what is provided by the Purview UI. 

Key Benefits of MPP Connector: 

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain full visibility into data assets and lineage relationships, facilitating improved data quality, compliance assurance, impact analysis, and understanding data architectures for cloud migration. 
  • Streamlined Governance: Facilitate effective governance initiatives for enhanced data management, contributing to reduced costs and risks while promoting regulatory compliance. 
  • Scalability:  Scale data lineage capabilities to meet evolving organizational needs efficiently, enabling enhanced business agility and adaptability to changing data environments. 

Satya Bolli, Chairman of Prolifics, emphasizes, “Our collaboration with Manta equips clients with innovative approaches to leverage data for decision-making and enhanced business value.” 

With Manta and Prolifics, you’ll always know what’s happening with your data. 

Learn more about the Manta-Prolifics Purview connector here.

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*For a comprehensive list of supported scanners and technologies, please visit Manta | Supported Scanners. 

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