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Expert Hub of the Month: Prolifics Guide to Data Privacy

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Prolifics Guide to Data Privacy

Data is being created now faster than at any point in history and it is showing no signs of slowing down. In this guide, you will be introduced to data privacy and its key concepts and how those concepts are implemented in business landscapes to drive success, maintain regulatory compliance and promote stronger client relationships.

  • Enterprise data management
  • Data Governance in Healthcare
  • Data management
  • Government data privacy
  • Data governance framework
  • Cloud data management strategies
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Prolifics Guide to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

The United States ranks number one for highest health care cost per person. This guide is about the transformational effect that FHIR is having. It will introduce the Quick FHIR solution and how it is making it easier for organizations to participate in this new FHIR-based healthcare ecosystem by addressing the API, data and AI/machine learning concerns they will face.

  • FHIR Resources & Profiles
  • Interoperability
  • RESTful APIs
  • Components
  • Resource data formats
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Prolifics Guide to Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is the process of using automation through technology and other means to help businesses function more seamlessly and that is the topic of this guide today. We’re going to explore the different elements of BPA and the impact it has on businesses, and how it can be implemented, and the common tools of the trade.

  • BPA elements & benefits
  • Business process management
  • System-centric BPM
  • Applicability across industries
  • BPM framework
  • BPM suites & software
  • Business automation plan
  • Man-centric BPM
  • The future of BPA
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Prolifics Guide to Application Modernization

As today’s companies grow, they need to have the agility provided by modern technology. Whether it’s getting instant reports or connecting remotely to Line of Business (LOB) systems, demands are anchored in an expectation of staying up-to-date. Every program and platform your business uses will continue to be replaced with better versions. As things change, the digital infrastructure continues to be condensed into more efficient tools to fit your needs. Application modernization migrates those legacy applications so you can use tools that better meet your company needs.

  • Benefits of modernizing a legacy system
  • Application assessment
  • Is application modernization right for you?
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Options for application modernization
  • Methods for legacy application modernization
  • Choosing the right application modernization
  • Replacing your system with Microservices
  • Implementing application modernization assessment
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Prolifics Guide to Process Mining

Process mining is a pivotal part of business process management that helps maintain operational efficiency and helps business owners understand their operations at a deeper level. Process mining is a fairly new strategy that has been implemented in business over the past few years and it is a very valuable tool. It helps businesses bridge that gap between their processes as they exist and their processes as they should be. In this guide, you’ll learn what process mining is, what it can do for your business, and how to effectively implement it as a strategy.

  • Key elements & definitions
  • 3 main types of process mining
  • Principles of process mining
  • The history of process mining
  • Benefits of process mining for business
  • Challenges with process mining
  • How does process mining work?
  • Process mining implementation
  • Process mining software options
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Prolifics Guide to Kubernetes

Applications have become increasingly more complex and often grow to cover multiple containers, running over multiple servers. This can be difficult to manage. In order to combat that, Kubernetes was created to provide an open-source API (application programming interface) controlling how and where the containers will run on a cluster of virtual machines. Containers for the applications are grouped into pods that are scaled by Kubernetes to the necessary state. This guide educates you on everything you need to know about Kubernetes.

  • Complex application builds
  • Services, networking and load balancing
  • Who is Kubernetes for?
  • What is Kubernetes: definition & application
  • Cluster administration
  • Kubernetes for small vs. large apps
  • Kubernetes architecture
  • Why use Kubernetes?
  • What is an application management platform?
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Prolifics Guide to Test Automation

Test automation is a key component of quality assurance. It is a process that involves validating the quality and functionality of the software by running tests, managing test data, and using it to improve the software. Led by Artificial Launch and Machine Learning, intelligent test automation is the ground-breaking, new approach for adding value to the product lifecycle while also making it an even faster process.

  • Understanding the test automation process
  • How to decide what and when to automate
  • Myths about automated testing
  • Types of automated testing
  • How to choose automation tools
  • Test automation best practices
  • Test automation: pros and cons
  • How to choose the right test automation framework
  • How to implement a test automation strategy
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Prolifics Guide to Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is fast becoming a key component of corporate strategies of businesses looking to survive and stay ahead of the competition. Businesses rely and survive on the predictive and anticipatory ability of advanced analytics to survive and thrive in today’s fast changing, global marketplace.

  • Types of analytics
  • Advance analytics use cases
  • Benefits of advanced analytics
  • Understanding advanced analytics
  • Advanced analytics techniques
  • Advanced analytics challenges
  • Business Analytics vs. Data Analytics
  • Business intelligence, artificial intelligence & advanced analytics
  • Advanced analytics tools
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Prolifics Guide to Cybersecurity

Whether it’s sensitive personal information, bank details, or even your entire online business infrastructure, when there’s something to be gained from obtaining the data, there will always be a threat of it being stolen. And that’s why cybersecurity should be a crucial part of protecting your business. Only by having a reliable process for protecting your digital assets can you expect to thrive in the long term and maintain the trust of your customers.

  • Biggest cybersecurity risks
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Cost of data breach
  • Cybersecurity risk assessment checklist
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Data privacy
  • Cybersecurity incident management
  • Data breach
  • Cyber regulatory laws