Introducing Prolifics’ Innovation Center

February 18, 2020

Prolifics’ Innovation Center is the next step in groundbreaking solutions when it comes to data, AI, the cloud, blockchain, and all the other technologies that are making the headlines.

Chairman and Managing Director Satya Bolli discusses how the Innovation Center drives innovation across Prolifics and beyond.


I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m very much a techie at heart. I’m curious. I love to explore, solve problems, and find solutions. As a leader, I empower my team to make innovation a part of our DNA. I have rebooted our business model so that it has innovation at its core.

We have a proud track record of innovating with purpose. We have reimagined how we engage with customers on innovation: designing processes to allow cocreation with our customers, improving how we communicate innovation, and delivering with agility and speed.

The Innovation Center is how we’re achieving this. It is not limited to a physical location. It’s global, it’s flexible, it’s agile. It operates on a continued cadence, providing a sandbox environment where our business and technology experts come together with our clients to create innovative solutions.

Our Innovation Center is becoming the primary source for building future competencies, product engineering on products, integrating our sales, consulting, and engineering teams, and giving our customers a delivery experience they can’t expect anywhere else.

Since the launch of our Innovation Center in January 2019, we have run 10 sprints across a total of 22 innovation solutions. These have covered technologies across applications, platforms, data, and cloud. This allows us to disseminate the innovation quickly across the company, allowing us to open up participation to everyone.

After selling my first venture in 1997, I had this unfulfilled mission to improve the efficiency of software development. Today, our team understands the changing landscape. Our deep expertise in technology lets us deliver solutions quickly to meet the immediate needs of our customers and create for the future.