Bayesian multilevel modeling in R with brms workshop | R-bloggers

Bayesian multilevel modeling in R with brms workshop | R-bloggers

Learn how to use Bayesian multilevel modeling in R, while contributing to charity! Join our workshop on

that is a part of our workshops for Ukraine series. 

is a statistician currently working as a Junior Research Group Leader at the Cluster of Excellence SimTech at the University of Stuttgart (Germany). He is interested in a wide range of research topics most of which involve the development, evaluation, implementation, or application of Bayesian methods.  He is the author of the R package brms and member of the Stan Development Team. Previously, Paul studied Psychology and Mathematics at the Universities of Münster and Hagen (Germany) and did his PhD in Münster about optimal design and Bayesian data analysis. He has also worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University (Finland).

The workshop will be about Bayesian multilevel models and their implementation in R using the package brms. At start there will be a short introduction to multilevel modeling and to Bayesian statistics in general followed by an introduction to Stan, which is an incredibly flexible language to fit open-ended Bayesian models. I will then explain how to access Stan using just basic R formula syntax via the brms package. It supports a wide range of response distributions and modeling options such as splines, autocorrelation, or censoring all in a multilevel context. A lot of post-processing and plotting methods are implemented as well. Some examples from Psychology and Medicine will be discussed.

If you are not personally interested in attending, you can also contribute by sponsoring a participation of a student, who will then be able to participate for free. If you choose to sponsor a student, all proceeds will also go directly to organisations working in Ukraine. You can either sponsor a particular student or you can leave it up to us so that we can allocate the sponsored place to students who have signed up for the waiting list.

at least 20 euro (or 17 GBP or 20 USD or 750 UAH). Feel free to donate more if you can, all proceeds go to support Ukraine! Save your donation receipt (after the donation is processed, there is an option to enter your email address on the website to which the donation receipt is sent) , attaching the screenshot of the donation receipt (please attach the screenshot of the donation receipt that was emailed to you rather than the page you see after the donation). You can indicate whether you want to sponsor a particular student or we can allocate this spot ourselves to the students from the waiting list. You can also indicate whether you prefer us to prioritize students from developing countries when assigning place(s) that you sponsored.

If you are a university student and cannot afford the registration fee, you can also sign up for the

. (Note that you are not guaranteed to participate by signing up for the waiting list).

You can also find more information about this workshop series,  a schedule of our future workshops as well as a list of our past workshops which you can get the recordings & materials of

Looking forward to seeing you during the workshop!

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