Database Migration Creates Significant Savings for Financial Services Company

January 11, 2023
Database Migration Creates Significant Savings for Financial Services Company

Software upgrade set to increase accessibility and reduce operating costs

Our Client

Is a non-profit credit union assisting more than 60,000 customers in 17 markets to 100 branches and offices. They have been a Prolifics client for more than a decade.


With their number of registered accounts continuing to increase, it’s reasonable to think that the credit union is excelling. However, there’s an underlying issue at hand—our client has a lot of information to keep track of.

What’s more, they were using an outdated legacy system to do so. This put them behind their competitors, who were already utilising the latest technologies and satisfying their business objectives as a result.

This posed our client with several challenges, including:

  • Slow performance and an inability to process transactions in a timely manner
  • The need to receive ongoing maintenance and upgrades, which required lots of time and money
  • Poor scalability, meaning that the capabilities of their legacy systems were incredibly limited
  • Fragmented data architectures, meaning that their data was stored in several different locations instead of a single, easily accessible one
  • Ineffective security controls, which jeopardised the safety of their customers and employees

Our client trusted Prolifics as their approved vendor to recommend an approach for migrating to a more modernised system.


The client approved our recommendation to migrate their existing Microsoft SQL server to Azure SQL Managed Instance, a Microsoft cloud platform. This migration will automatically transfer the client’s information from their previous database to the newer Azure platform with little to no negative impact on their data and give them access to all of Azure’s latest features.

What makes this migration especially significant is that it will be completed using the latest tools and technologies in the market, keeping our client ahead of their competitors. Our role will entail implementing all of the new features into the client’s upgraded platform and following them all the way through to production.


The Microsoft Azure Migration will result in enhanced data access and significant cost savings, since it will eliminate the previous costs associated with managing their database from a physical data centre.

“Going to the cloud will drastically reduce our client’s spending efforts because they will only be paying for the services they use and nothing more,” said Sriharsha Shridhara, Client Success Director with Prolifics. “In the end, we’ll only have to pay for the services that Microsoft provides. The client will also have round-the-clock support from people who will continuously be working in the system.”


  • Microsoft Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Our Database Migration Solution

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