UK Defence Industry Overhauls Integration for Improved Collaboration

October 17, 2023
UK Defence Industry Overhauls Integration for Improved Collaboration

Expert integration consultancy was required by our client. Through API integration, this critical transformation of communication and supply chain management became a reality for a UK government organisation.

This case study showcases the collaborative efforts of Prolifics and their esteemed IBM Maximo business partner in digitally transforming a vital sector of the military through security-cleared consulting.

Client Overview 

Our client works closely with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to support the military’s capability in planning, building and maintaining infrastructure. 


A phased digital transformation encompassed six distinct projects, spanning from lifecycle asset management to space optimisation.

Prolifics’ expertise was specifically sought to ensure the success of the ‘end-to-end supply chain integration’ project. This initiative facilitates seamless, secure communication between the client’s internal systems and third parties without manual intervention.

Solution 1- Decentralised, real-time integration platform: Prolifics created a highly secure, scalable integration platform to onboard new industry partners. Using IBM’s App Connect Enterprise (ACE) and Message Queue (MQ), we ensured robustness with fail-safes, retries, and audit trails. Data duplication across the organisation and its partners guarantees continued work even during connectivity loss.

Solution 2- Security Cleared Managed Services: Prolifics’ Security Cleared Managed Service team ensured reliable system performance during both regular and extended support hours, seamlessly supporting the IBM middleware suite of App Connect Enterprise (ACE) and Message Queue (MQ) used by the client and their industry partners. We also efficiently addressed inquiries from the client and their industry partners.


Following an initial design workshop, Prolifics gained a comprehensive understanding of the project’s short and long-term objectives, enabling the development of a secure, stable, and scalable integration platform.

In response to the sensitive data involved, a fully Security Cleared (SC) team of developers, architects, project managers, and support engineers was assembled. In alignment with customer requirements, the integration platform was fortified with fail-safes, retry mechanisms, and an audit trail for robustness.

Data redundancy across the organisation and its partners was implemented to ensure continued operation even during connectivity loss. Prolifics’ SC Managed Service team maintained system performance during regular and extended support hours.


The newly implemented integration platform enables the military client to outsource to industry partners more efficiently, enhancing competitiveness and potential cost savings for taxpayers.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Real-time communication between core systems and third parties.
  • Reduced Errors: 24×7 support and technical consultancy.
  • Operational Cost Savings: Faster, less IT-intensive onboarding through a decentralised API platform.


IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) – Zero-code integration for business users.

IBM Message Queue (MQ) – Middleware supporting the exchange of secure enterprise data.

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