“Clothes in the Cloud” – Fashion Leader Moves Away from On-Prem

March 13, 2024
“Clothes in the Cloud” – Fashion Leader Moves Away from On-Prem

About our client, an International Retailer

Our long-standing client, an International Retailer (IR), is a global leader in fashion and accessories. Renowned for its iconic brands, IR has evolved into a lifestyle destination for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. 


For the business people –

We’re undertaking a new project for IR – “Order Management System (OMS) Regionalization.” Currently, IR’s order management system is centralized, on-premises, in one location. IR wants to move its OMS to various regions in the cloud for, in part, the following reasons: 

  • Minimize service disruptions: Unlike an outage in a centralized system, an outage in one region will not affect other regions 
  • Enhance user experience: Regional cloud computing reduces latency in that area, giving faster processing and improving efficiency for users 
  • Comply with regulations: Many jurisdictions are enacting rules about local transactions being processed in the jurisdiction itself; or local information being only locally stored 
  • Unlock scalability and cost efficiency: The cloud gives more flexibility and cost efficiency for future growth, integrations and applications 

Our integration SMEs are ramping up this project and have created a technical presentation for it (see below). 

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For the tech people –

Prolifics integration software architects Gurumoorthy Nagarajan and Raveendra Nanjundappa will present the technical ins-and-outs of this new project with “Modernize Your Integrations with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration” at the upcoming IBM TechCon 2024, a TechXchange Virtual Experience 

They’ll discuss adopting Cloud Pak for Integration for scalable, cloud-native API and event-driven integration, transitioning key components like DataPower, API Connect, and ACE. You’ll learn how this transformation results in a robust, cost-efficient cloud ecosystem. 

Their talk is part of TechCon’s track 1, “API Management & Gateways” and is Session 134 on March 21, 1:25 – 2:25 ET. TechCon is IBM’s premier virtual technical event, with six tracks covering the whole spectrum of IBM products.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about our work with IR and our technical presentation at IBM TechCon 2024. For more information, visit our TechCon page. You can also register for IBM TechCon 2024 here, and then sign up for the Session 134. 

In addition, Raveendra has just authored a Prolifics How-To Guide, “Migrating IBM Integration Bus to IBM App Connect on Amazon EKS Platform Using Operators.” You can download this comprehensive technical guide here 


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