Modernization Means New Talent for Healthcare Supply Company

August 20, 2021

Our client, a medical and dental supplies company (MDSC), is based in Long Island, New York. It ships products across the globe through more than 25 distribution centers. 

About our Client


Older Systems Don’t Attract New Talent

The accounts receivable department at MDSC is run by a group of long-term employees who expertly use one type of now-outdated software to track payments. Although the software wasn’t particularly user-friendly and its style had become obsolete, the professionals in the accounts receivable department had spent years becoming intimately familiar with it. They knew every one of its shortcuts and could operate it at lightning speed. The problem MDSC was facing, however, was that these employees were nearing retirement, and the company needed to attract new talent. 

But finding new talent was easier said than done. Gen Z – whose oldest members are now college graduates – don’t want to work on legacy, outdated software. It’s not exciting to them, nor does it help them build resumes that show modern skillsets. In addition, recent surveys of working Gen Z-ers show they expect to remain at a job for fewer than three years. MDSC knew that training someone to use their legacy applications took at least six months. So, even if MDSC could attract the talent, it might not give them much time to get the benefit from the training investment.  

Between looming retirements and difficulty bringing on new staff, MDSC was facing a worker shortage, and they knew they had to modernize. Because Prolifics successfully leads organizations of all sizes and industries through the modernization process, they turned to us to guide them.  


Thorough Modernization Alongside Legacy

When Prolifics began working with MDSC on their modernization goals, they already had purchased a software called LegaSuite. LegaSuite is a tool that acts as a bridge between a company’s existing applications and a user-friendly, web-based interface. The benefit of using LegaSuite is that a company doesn’t have to abandon its trusted, existing application in favor of something new, but the downside is that the software installation isn’t simple. That web-based interface has to be built and needs an expert implementation team to do so. That’s where Prolifics came in.  

Before we started building the interface, we held in-depth design meetings with the MDSC team to make sure we had a substantial understanding of what they needed the interface to do and how they wanted it to look. Next we finalized the interface design and assigned two of our senior architects to build, test and configure the interface. The team stayed laser-focused on the implementation until it met all the needs and was ready to go.  


The web-based interface is now functioning in the accounts receivable department. Since the rollout, MDSC has experienced greater success hiring people into the department who can help the business grow – and the worker shortage crisis has been averted. These new hires appreciate the user-friendly, modern tool, and MDSC has fewer training requirements, which means more time to focus on business growth. Because Prolifics was able to implement the new system along side the existing software, senior staff at MDSC continues to work on the old application. That allows the company to continue to benefit from their efficiency while bringing on the new talent.  

As additional benefit to MDSC – it’s now using the new interface as an internal sales tool for the company’s modernization efforts. As other MDSC departments witness the success of the new interface, MDSC expects to secure those departments’ buy-in for modernization, using Prolifics. 

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