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Your DevOps Partner

Your DevOps Partner

DevOps can include DataOps, MLOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code for speed; DevSecOps and QA for quality; and AIOps/Continuous Monitoring for availability.

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Prolifics considers DevOps to be a powerful tool for companies facing today’s business challenges – financial uncertainty, talent gaps, shifting rules and regulations, and data explosion. We know it’s a pivotal, horizontal approach that can automate every part of your digital transformation journey.

Our DevOps practices will get you from point A to point B rapidly and reliably, without sacrificing security and quality. You’ll improve efficiency and security, and become an agile organisation with the ability to rapidly change or create new business models.


Key Elements of DevOps

DevOps Journey

Prolifics sees DevOps as a continuous loop, delivering ever-increasing value. Our experts seamlessly integrate different phases of the DevOps process into any business model.

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DevOps Workshops

You can choose from one of our free to low-cost workshops below or we’ll customise a workshop just for you. It’s a discovery that moves vision to value - faster.


Customised DevOps Workshops

  • In-depth analysis of your DevOps process.
  • Examine everything to do with your current workflow.
  • Create a full picture of how you work
  • Tailor custom DevOps process recommendations
  • Track App Delivery Processes, CI/CD Pipelines, IaC Automation Processes
  • Clear DevOps roadmap to follow for best DevOps process implementation and business outcomes
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Customised DevOps Workshops

Get Ahead Of The Competition With DevOps


Make you an agile organisation, with the ability to rapidly change or create new business models


Bring products and services to market quicker and more efficiently


Rapidly create, change, and/or tweak and deliver customer experiences


Use AI and automation to ensure adherence to compliance and governance mandates


Optimise costs through automation – removing the potential for human error from processes


Generate teams that are happier and more productive through DevOps adoption

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