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Instana Observability Software

Go Beyond Application Performance Monitoring.

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IBM Instana

You Can't Fix
What You Can't See

IBM Instana observability is a fully automated enterprise observability platform that delivers the context needed to take intelligent actions and ensure optimum application performance. Ingest all metrics, trace every request, and profile every process in cloud-native, hybrid, and on-prem environment.

Learn how you can quickly integrate observability into your architecture with IBM’s leading partner, Prolifics.


Gain Deeper Insights Into Your Entire Software Estate


Understand all application inter-dependencies to diagnose issues and determine impact. Instana contextualises raw data into meaningful information providing an interactive model of relationships between all entities in real-time.

Automate Discovery
& Configuration

Gain full observability in dynamic environments with auto discovery. Trace every request, record all changes, get 1 sec granularity metrics - no wasted time, no blind spots, always accurate monitoring.

Intelligent &
Actionable Alerts

Proactively detect and remediate issues with an understanding of contributing factors. Analyse every user request from any perspective to quickly find and resolve every bottleneck, saving IT teams crucial time.

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Every Second Counts

In the race for business results, critical applications have to run at their peak performance. Even the shortest outage or problem can set a business back, lose revenue and damage business reputation.

Every second counts: when an issue occurs – when the lights go off – IT has to react – and to react, IT has to see what is going on quickly and completely. As each second ticks by, precious resources’ time and costs are stacking up as they try to resolve the situation.

Download our whitepaper to learn how IT teams are experiencing unmatched software performance by finding the source of downtime faster, through full stack visibility and root-cause analysis using Instana’s industry-leading observability solution.

Prolifics IBM Instana observability whitepaper

Case Study: Instana In Action

How Exavault Maximises
Uptime Using Instana

The majority of ExaVault customers are performing automated, system-to-system file transfers, like moving data from a point-of-sale system to an analytics platform or an inventory management system. ExaVault’s API handles an average of 35,000 requests per minute and over 50 million calls daily. While the file transfers are automated, parties on both sides of the transfer rely on these automations to make business decisions.

“If we go down, our customers start losing money,”

Exavault’s CEO, David Ordal.

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Powerful Industry-Leading Observability Software

Empowering IT Teams Across the Enterprise.

Accurate, Real-Time Data

100% distributed tracing, 1-sec metrics immediate software deployment pipeline and CI/CD feedback.

Continuous Real-Time Discovery

Single agent architecture of microservices and infrastructure with over 250 sensors.

Powerful Data Analytics

Drill down to generate new insights with infinite flexibility from the entire repository of application request trace data.

Interdependency Mapping

Automate dependency mapping across the entire full-stack for flexible application perspectives.

Root Cause Analysis Automation

Automate event correlation, including performance thresholds, errors, changes and analysis of SLA violations.

Increase Operational Efficiency

IBM Instana offers a 20% increase in developer time and a 3X increase in deployment.


The Fast Lane: Using Observability for Performance

In modern IT architecture, speed is everything. The faster your organisation can respond to change, the sooner your team can implement essential upgrades.

Join Prolifics and IBM’s Instana team for a brief discussion on why observability is essential to modern businesses and how you can integrate it to empower teams.

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Need Clarification?

Yes, Instana can be used completely free of charge for 14 days:

Reach out to our team using the contact form for further guidance on installation and deployment.

Yes, Instana requires the installation of an Operator. Prolifics can advise or implement this for deployment on-premise, on cloud or as SaaS solution.

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools, such as log management and network monitoring tools like IBM® Turbonomic®, to provide a comprehensive view of application performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

IBM Instana covers the entire stack, from applications, services, infrastructure, web browsers, mobile applications, and more for over 200 domain-specific technologies. Instana:
  • Monitors mobile, web, and application perspectives.
  • Traces every end-to-end mobile, web, and application transaction.
  • Provides full context across the application infrastructure.
  • Maps, monitors, and traces every production application across all cloud environments.
  • Supports all physical, virtual, and serverless services and functions.

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