Clipper Logistics Modernises Customer Onboarding with Prolifics

March 21, 2023
Clipper Logistics Modernises Customer Onboarding with Prolifics

Prolifics modernise Clipper’s customer onboarding, reducing time to value from months to weeks.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 12th March, 2022- Digital Engineering and Systems Integrator, Prolifics announce a successful modernisation project for the UK’s leading retail logistics provider, Clipper Logistics, accelerating the onboarding processes of new retail and carrier customers from months to just weeks.

The project, which has been essential to both Clipper and their client’s scalability, allows the logistics company to quickly integrate retail customers’ order management systems with Clipper’s own warehouse management system, strengthening its end-to-end logistics capabilities.

Rebeca Kilduff, CIO, Clipper Logistics commented:

“With e-commerce booming in the last 18 months, many retailers have needed to scale their logistics operations quickly.”

“We needed to easily integrate with our retail customers in a scalable and reliable manner to meet this demand. MuleSoft has allowed us to create reusable APIs and integrations to connect with our customers easily and quickly. That means we’re able to accelerate innovation with our customers and become more competitive in the market.”

Prolifics, the end-to-end strategy and implementation partner for the project, quickly identified a lack of flexibility in the existing systems, which did not allow for Clipper to make carrier changes centrally, instead, only at a retailer level. To resolve this, Prolifics, using MuleSoft technology, empowered Clipper to make the same carrier changes in-house, improving efficiency and streamlining processes.

“To modernise Clipper’s onboarding, first we had to look at what was causing them the most pain – we identified that carrier changes were siloed, therefore hindering the entire distribution process.” said Prolifics, Senior Account Manager, Jonathan Sharland.

“We quickly solved this bottleneck with a common integration channel between the retailer, carrier and Clipper, allowing us to move towards a standardisation project across all integrations, to facilitate growth and agility.”  

Clipper, guided by Prolifics’ expertise, accelerated innovation by building reusable APIs, introducing standardisations for all partners and suppliers, resulting in a faster, cheaper and simpler onboarding process.

Now building reusable APIs for Orders, Addresses, SKUs, and more, Clipper has become ‘a composable business’; quickly building new digital services with existing capabilities, reusing existing APIs instead of having to create them from scratch each time. This approach has made onboarding simpler and more cost effective, while making Clipper more agile for future projects.

“With MuleSoft integration technology, we can meet the needs of the business and our customers faster, which is critical for supply chain efficiency,” added Kilduff.