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Fintech Facilitators: APIs and Their Role in
Modernising The Financial Services Industry

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Agility and ease of use are the new metrics by which financial institutions are being judged.

The financial industry is experiencing a paradigm shift. Incumbent financial institutions risk losing business to their smaller, more agile counterparts.

It’s not just down to long-term erosion of trust in the wake of financial crises, it’s the result of the increasing influence of younger, digital-native demographics and a thriving startup economy. Where physical branches and established names once led, modern, customisable, user-friendly banking platforms now hold more appeal.

Prolifics explores the changing world of the Financial Services industry to discuss how and why API technology is enabling financial organisations to modernise faster and in turn, create improved customer and developer experiences.

The whitepaper draws on over 25 years of practical industry experience with the world’s leading banks, insurers and intermediaries to create a comprehensive, informative document that allows organisations to plot a course towards agile integration via API technology.

Hear from some of the industry’s thought-leaders such as:

  • Prolifics’ Senior Architect for Financial Services, Ian Heawood.
  • IBM’s Chief Technical Officer for Financial Services, Victoria Bunyard.
  • IBM’s Leading Integration Architect, Kim Clark.


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