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IT Observability: Every Second Counts

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Make Business Applications Run Like High Performance Race Cars

In the race for business results, critical applications have to run at their peak performance. Even the shortest outage or problem can set a business back, lose revenue and damage business reputation.

Every second counts: when an issue occurs – when the lights go off – IT has to react – and to react, IT has to see what is going on quickly and completely. As each second ticks by, precious resources’ time and costs are stacking up as they try to resolve the situation.

Download our whitepaper to learn how IT teams are experiencing unmatched software performance by finding the source of downtime faster, through full stack visibility and root-cause analysis using Instana’s industry-leading observability solution.


  • The key differences between APM, observability, and monitoring solutions.
  • How IT teams can leverage observability software.
  • The impact of Instana from real use-cases.
Observability Overtakes Application Performance Monitoring

Drastically reduce downtime. As modern applications become more complex, with multiple environments, nodes, clusters and databases, ensuring that they stay performant has become a tough task; the right tooling saves IT teams time, so you can concentrate on innovation.

Leave monitoring solutions in the past. Traditional monitoring solutions only tell part of the story, i.e. when something is working or not working. Observability goes far beyond this, providing essential context for application teams.

Leverage powerful AI and ML. Bolster your team’s skills with highly intelligent AI that can instantly pinpoint and automate the remediation of issues.

Increase operational efficiency and deployment. IBM Instana offers a 20% increase in developer time and a 3X increase in deployment.

Quick resolution of production incidents. Achieve a 52% reduction in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and a whopping 69% reduction in Mean Time To Detection (MTTD).

Keen to learn more about observability? Visit our IBM Instana page here.