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Decision Optimisation with CPLEX

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EDI Modernization for Healthcare

Experience customized user interfaces and transparency in each step of the process

Prolifics’ EDI Modernization for Healthcare is a modern, drop-in alternative to existing legacy EDI X12 integration in claims environments. It’s an open system with an open data model that integrates with virtually any existing business system.

Our solution is meticulously engineered by Prolifics’ healthcare EDI experts using an off-the-shelf software stack for significant cost savings. It’s customizable, extendible, and enhanceable, with up to a 10x increase in throughput compared to existing systems.


The Fastest Route to Your New Database

SQL Database Code Migration in Four Easy Steps

Confirm Your Scope

Prolifics will extract all of your SQL code, and run this through our tool, allowing us to confirm exactly what work is going to be required and the effort this will take. Receive an assessment of the effort and cost to migrate your database.

Convert Your Code

Prolifics covert your code optimally taking into account the nuances of SQL compatibility, to get the best version of your source. Incompatibilities are highlighted and changes tracked, to provide full auditability.

Migrate Your Data

The target database is checked against the source environment to confirm successful conversion of the code. Then, using Prolifics' bespoke tooling of Python and NiFi we will migrate the data itself to the target database.

Test Your Solution

Without a robust testing methodology and knowledge of common SQL pitfalls, timelines can become compromised. Our specialist testing team create the right environment to make this final process seamless.


Introducing ADAM: The Automated Database Agnostic Migrator

Without a robust testing methodology and knowledge of common SQL pitfalls, timelines can become compromised. Our specialist testing team create the right environment to make this final process seamless.

Automated – Prolifics went to market searching for a database migration tool to help with moving our customers between database vendors. We found many, but none that worked for us. They were either just a bunch of scripts that didn’t do the job, or a ‘black-box’ with no auditability that also didn’t suit our needs. What we needed was customisable automation. A system that tells us what it is going to do before it does it, takes the application into account, and then automates the creation of the best solution under the guidance of a database migration expert. It didn’t exist so we built it.

Database Agnostic – Most migration tools move code from A to B, or from C to D, but unless they specifically target A to D you need a different tool. ADAM works differently as it doesn’t convert directly, but rather works on a hub and spoke model. This means that it converts A, B, C and D into a central model, and then converts that into your target database A, B, C or D. Obviously it does not work with every single database ever made but it does work with all the major relational DBMS’s. So if you want to move to Postgres, Db2, Sybase, SQL Server, Aurora, etc etc – then ADAM will work for you.

Migrator – The tool is an assistant to our consulting services. We do not provide the ADAM software to our customers, we provide a migration service using ADAM. We do not just run your code through a tool and hope for the best. ADAM will analyse all of your SQL code upfront as a part of the planning process. From that analysis we will then identify every line of code as one of the below

  • Needs a re-architecture as it is a feature that is not supported on the target database.
  • Needs a sensible decision made by the consultant, distribution keys for example.
  • Code that could be migrated a few ways, and so the specific conversion is application dependent, how to store numbers for example.
  • Code that can only be migrated one way, and so can be automatically converted without further analysis.

Moving Off Your Databse

Each database is unique and requires a level of expertise

Moving off Oracle

The Oracle corporation has been an innovator ever since releasing the first commercially available database in 1979, so it is no surprise that their database product has been the lynchpin of many companies’ data strategies for decades.

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Moving off SQL Server

The odds are that you are not running your SQL Server database on OS/2 anymore*, but it has been a popular database ever since Microsoft ported the Sybase database over in 1989.

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Moving off Sybase

When SAP bought Sybase in 2010 it was cynically viewed by some as an attempt for SAP to get on the supplier list of Sybase's extensive list of customers.

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Moving off Db2

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Moving off Informix

There are many reasons organisations might be looking to move off Informix – lack of skills, cost, cloud reasons, open source policy, performance… but whatever the reason, moving off a working database can be a daunting task. Ultimately databases exist to serve the applications that run on them.

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What do Prolifics offer to help me move off my database?

Prolifics offer a database migration service, where our consultants will use our proprietary ADAM tooling to offer an accelerated migration program and minimise project risk.

What is the process?

Reach out to one of our team who will help you conduct a viability assessment over a short 30 min call. From there we will provide a questionnaire about your environment for your application teams to respond to, and we will request all SQL code from your database (table definitions, stored procedures, triggers, the lot). Prolifics will run the code through ADAM and assess every single line of code. From there Prolifics will issue a quotation to migrate the database for you, and then you either sign up or you don’t.

We are a busy team, how much help can Prolifics provide?

Prolifics usually help our customers with the planning, data migration, code migration, and then database tuning – leaving most of the testing and application changes to the client’s internal teams. However, Prolifics can offer testing services and application development consultancy too if required. “We can do this with you, or we can do this for you”.

How do I get started?

Please use the form below to get in contact with one of our Account Executives who will be able to get you started.