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We protect your brand reputation by ensuring the usability, stability and security of your app, software, or cloud-based service.

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Digital Transformation Depends on Software Performance

Software testing is essential in the development of modern technology solutions, it can provide your team with the peace of mind that whatever you release into the ecosystem is perfect from the first time to every iteration after.

From ensuring that your application or SAAS solution can cope with a huge concurrent user base, to verifying that software works correctly on a wide range of different platforms, browsers, and devices, keeping a stringent QA and testing framework, allows you to better serve clients and compete effectively. What’s the solution? Prolifics’ QA & Software Testing services. 


Key Elements Of QA & Testing Services


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QA & Testing Services Workshops

You can choose from one of our free to low-cost workshops below or we’ll customise a workshop
just for you. It’s a discovery that moves vision to value – faster.



Customised Test Automation and Performance Workshop

  • Identify your current business and system landscape
  • Identify potential areas of improvement leveraging scientific testing techniques
  • Identify levels, types and areas to build intelligent automation and performance tests that deliver a range of real business outcomes
  • A roadmap to deliver solutions


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Customised Test Automation and Performance Workshop

Achieve Operational Excellence With QA & Testing Services


Free up your employees from mundane work by automating manual or repetitive tasks


Improve process efficiency and reduce costs through process mining and process automation


Generate precise, consistent and agile decision making by automating rules


Leverage AI in areas like unstructured content management and critical information capture.


Leverage AI/ML for operational intelligence and further optimisation


Detect sophisticated data patterns to predict potential outcomes

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