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Put Generative AI to Work with Prolifics and watsonx.

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Scale and Accelerate The Impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence
(Gen AI)

Today’s new Gen AI models make implementing AI much quicker and cheaper than ever before, with the potential for limitless applications and business benefits. Gen AI is reinventing how work gets done across all industries.

Let Prolifics and watsonx guide you into the Gen AI innovation world – before it’s too late. According to IBM research, the number of enterprises that are working with or planning to leverage models for Gen AI is at 80 percent – and Gen AI is forecasted to represent 30 percent of the overall market in just two years.

Scale and Accelerate

watsonx - IBM's Next Generation AI Platform

Together, watsonx and Prolifics will help you unlock the potential of Generative artificial intelligence solutions (as well as traditional AI) across your business, leveraging critical, trusted data wherever it resides. With Prolifics and watsonx tailoring it to your enterprise, you can be sure that the AI in your company will be:


Based on the best open technologies available, with access to the innovation of the open community and multiple models.


Offering security and data protection, with governance, transparency, and ethics that support increasing regulatory compliance demands


Designed and targeted for business use cases that unlock new value, with models that can be tuned to your proprietary data.


A platform to bring your own data and AI models that you tune, train, deploy, and govern; all while running anywhere, designed for scale and widespread adoption.

watsonx is Made up of Three Interconnecting Parts to Optimise Gen AI, Data, and Governance:

  • – trains, validates, tunes and deploys your AI models
  • – scales workloads for all your data, anywhere
  • watsonx.governance – enables responsible, transparent and explainable data and AI workflows

Why Prolifics with watsonx?


Prolifics is an IBM North American, European and APAC Platinum business partner, who have helped optimise IBM solutions for decades. Prolifics was proud to serve as one of the original beta customers for watsonx.

We've made considerable investments in Gen AI use cases at the virtual Prolifics Innovation Center, so we are well positioned to help you understand Gen AI for business, and what you would need to for Gen AI implementation and Gen AI deployment.

You’ll have the full benefit of the Prolifics’ “Power of 1.” We’ll generate impactful ideas in one day; we’ll give you proof of value in your context in one week; we’ll deliver an MVP with tangible business value in one month; and scale to deliver 10x ROI in one year.

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