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SQL Database Migration

Reduce Risk with our Auditable Migration Framework

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EDB Migration Factory: Powered by Prolifics

Accelerated Migration
to EDB

Drastically reduce licensing costs and make your move to the cloud faster, with complete auditability and at a competitive fixed-price.

Our purpose-built framework allows you to take advantage of automation to ease costs, and significantly reduce the risk of product overruns on your journey to EDB.

Accelerated Migration to EDB

The Fastest Route to EDB

SQL Database Code Migration in Four Easy Steps

Confirm Your Scope

Prolifics will extract all of your SQL code, and run this through our tool, allowing us to confirm exactly what work is going to be required and the effort this will take. Receive an assessment of the effort and cost to migrate your database.

Convert Your Code

Prolifics covert your code optimally taking into account the nuances of SQL compatibility, to get the best version of your source. Incompatibilities are highlighted and changes tracked, to provide full auditability.

Migrate Your Data

The target database is checked against the source environment to confirm successful conversion of the code. Then, using Prolifics' bespoke tooling of Python and NiFi we will migrate the data itself to the target EDB database.

Test Your Solution

Without a robust testing methodology and knowledge of common SQL pitfalls, timelines can become compromised. Our specialist testing team create the right environment to make this final process seamless.

A Complete SQL Migration Tool

Modernise with Prolifics & EDB

Numerous tools offer automated migrations, however, to a sub-par standard.

These tend to be “black box” solutions that take an input and produce an output. They create no documentation of what changes have been made and have no regard for any other considerations that might affect the end solution.

You simply enter your code and take a chance.

Prolifics’ purpose-built framework goes far beyond this and provides total auditability on all changes made, while also highlighting areas for human attention to ensure critical decisions are taken to provide the best possible end-state.

We assess your code migration by actually doing it, allowing you to migrate to EDB from any database, faster, more accurately, and with less risk.

At a fixed price.

Why Move to EDB?
  • Low licensing costs, without any vendor lock-in. 
  • Increased flexibility of your data stack.
  • Multiple deployment methods.
  • Improved data and usage. 
  • Faster time to value. 

Expert Insight

Why is SQL
so... incompatible?

Prolifics’ database expert and architect, Paul Vernon speaks candidly about why SQL databases are notoriously difficult to migrate.

Find out why this is stopping IT teams in their tracks when considering new, target databases.

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SQL Data Migration:
What You Need to Know

Moving databases can be tricky, so we’ve put together a short article on everything you need to know before embarking on a migration.

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Arrange a Call With Our Expert

Request a Database Assessment

Your next step may or may not be crystal clear, but a lack of tried and tested skills can be a daunting prospect when it comes to moving or migrating enterprise databases.

Spend 30 minutes with our database migration expert, for an assessment of the time and cost required to move you to EDB.

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Need Clarification?

At Prolifics, we have created a set of integrations that ensure seamless migration regardless of your database.

During the assessment phase, Prolifics will provide a full report of possible errors, items that require rearchitecting and integrations needed for your specific database.

Yes. Our longstanding partnership with EDB has allowed us to collaborate, to accelerate database modernisation.

Prolifics has the capabilities to help you get to the cloud and make the most of it.

We provide cloud-native development services and more, to accelerate your digital transformation. Explore our capabilities.