Prolifics Explore The IBM-Mayflower Autonomous Ship

March 21, 2023
Prolifics Explore The IBM-Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Prolifics Explore The IBM-Mayflower Autonomous Ship

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 14th March, 2022 – Digital Engineering and System Integrator, Prolifics proudly joined IBM to speak at their flagship event around the collaborative IBM-ProMare Mayflower Autonomous Ship.

The event, held at the Historic Portsmouth Dockyard- home to the Royal Navy, aimed to explore the ‘top 3’ challenges organisations are facing today; supply chain, digitisation and sustainability, while providing clients, partners, press and academia with a rare opportunity to experience the Mayflower, in person, while understanding they key technologies used to successfully navigate the autonomous ship.

Prolifics, one of eleven worldwide IBM Global Elite Business Partners, explore the events’ themes in their ‘Making Waves: Sustainable Solutions for The Real World’ talk, which draws on their use-cases of modernising the data processes of an offshore rigging company, alongside their numerous retail and logistics engagements of supply chain management, a vital piece of the retail puzzle during and post Covid-19. Prolifics also highlighted the IBM technology used in their key engagements, offering insight into how the functionality of integration, business process management (BPM), automation and data software provided a catalyst for customer success.

Jonathan Sharland and Peter McCullagh of Prolifics joined a roster of special guest speakers including IBM’s Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor, Andy Stanford Clark, Brett Phaneuf, Founder & Chief Executive of Submergence Group & ProMare, and many more, to discuss some of the key automation technologies leveraged by the Mayflower, all of which can be procured by the general public in IBM’s Cloud Paks.

The fully autonomous, unmanned ship is a not-for-profit project with the objective of gathering data in a cost-effective manner, to help understand ocean pollution, global warming and over-exploitation; the ship has completed several recent sea trials and is expected to embark on a new mission across the Atlantic in Spring 2022.

Read more about the Mayflower here.