System Downtime: A Thing of the Past

March 21, 2023
System Downtime: A Thing of the Past

In today’s day, is there a single business left that doesn’t depend on its IT team for survival?

That’s highly unlikely, so the discussion around how to effectively run technical teams and infrastructure is constantly in flux. Take Managed Services: is this phrase just another tech buzzword, or should it be explored as a meaningful and cost-effective way of adding business value?

For the uninitiated, Managed Services promise to reduce an organisation’s IT expenses while providing the highest standard of support, all at a fixed-rate fee. Subscriptions to these services through a third-party provider are a particularly attractive option to businesses that want to stay competitive through complementing or enhancing the abilities of their current IT department.

Exactly what a Managed Service subscription comprises of depends entirely on the unique needs and technological environment of an organization. Determining these needs is a consultative and dynamic process, designed with a long-term strategy in mind. Typically, Managed Services offer 24-hour systems monitoring, rapidly responding to and resolving issues or sudden failures expertly and efficiently, alongside running daily administration tasks and providing varying levels of access to both developers and testing facilities.

Managed Services are designed to operate in the same way as a camera pointed at the door of a bank vault does. Security personnel can be proactive in watching for any sign of intrusion rather than calling emergency services after the robbers have already fled. Instead of scrambling to respond to critical application crashes after they happen, Managed Service technicians can prevent disruptions well before they happen by observing trends, activity, and potential concerns.

By offering support from global offshore teams, solutions companies can offer these services at a fraction of the cost of procuring in-house staff. In the long term, Managed Services minimise downtime, allowing for faster and larger scaling of IT systems.

Eliminate Downtime and Gain Peace of Mind

So, does that mean that small or medium-sized enterprises where scaling is not an immediate priority don’t require Managed Services?

Absolutely not. In fact, smaller organisations are at an even greater risk of overwhelming their finite IT resources, particularly when an unforeseen event occurs. It is these same organisations who often feel the strongest effects of downtime through loss of revenue and declining customer satisfaction.

The growing demand for Managed Services reflects the ability of organisations such as Prolifics to create bespoke solutions to the most gnawing and irksome IT problems at a cost-controlled rate. Don’t drain your resources on daily administration. Preventing downtime boosts employee productivity and creates time for crucial team members to invest into value-adding projects, ultimately strengthening their core competencies.

What Managed Services really offers a business, is complete peace of mind.