Modernising Supply Management with “More Data More Quickly”

March 25, 2022
Modernising Supply Management with “More Data More Quickly”

Our Customer

Is a leading manufacturing company (LMC) is a top provider of industrial equipment, parts, sales, service and support.

The Challenge: Leaving Legacy Behind

LMC’s commitment to quality and performance has generated substantial growth, and they’re now far and away the leader in their market vertical. Always innovative, LMC’s new mobile applications enable customers to quickly diagnose industrial issues on the go.

However, when it came to analysing so much new data now available from multiple sources, LMC had difficulty consolidating multiple data integration layers into simplified data feeds. Powered by legacy tools and technologies, data feeds couldn’t deliver the dynamic results needed to ensure accurate and on-demand processing.

How Prolifics Handled LMC’s Challenge

As a result, LMC decided to make the move from legacy to the IBM Netezza database client. Prolifics has a long-standing partnership with LMC, beginning almost 10 years ago when our teams were brought in to assist in managing LMC’s original legacy system deployment.

This new project meant doing multiple things at once: changing the way data was stored, handled, and reported across the organisation’s infrastructure while simultaneously ensuring that end users didn’t notice a functional difference.

First, Prolifics teams replicated data from existing warehouses and then began slowly rewiring everything underneath. Then all legacy components were retired, and the new framework took over.

From the user perspective, performance improved without hampering day-to-day processes. From the standpoint of infrastructure management, the entire system was modernised to maximise the company’s ability to collect, analyse, and leverage data.

The Results: More Data More Quickly

The move to IBM Netezza:

  • Allowed internal teams to access more data more quickly and make better decisions
  • Enabled LMC to improve its competitive positioning in the industry
  • Helped reduce total operating costs
  • Helped reduce overall IT sprawl

Ultimately, the move to modernised supply management with dynamic data feeds allowed LMC to support dynamic machine pricing, improve parts fill rates, and enable intra-day reporting on both sales and revenue.

With the Prolifics partnership, LMC was able to both modernise data management and consolidate data integration to deliver insight on demand.

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