Software Company Speeds Testing with Prolifics IP Accelerator

June 7, 2023
Software Company Speeds Testing with Prolifics IP Accelerator

Automation saves time and ensures favourable ROI

Our Client

Provides data management and cloud-based backup solutions. They have been a client with Prolifics since 2022.


The company invested in Salesforce and had initially hired engineers specialised in Salesforce testing. However, while one engineer focused solely on Salesforce functional testing, the other exclusively handled Salesforce automation testing. This siloed arrangement was inefficient and did not offer the strong, integrated testing capabilities the company needed. The cost of these services was also high and caused our client to spend a substantial amount of money.

Without strong Salesforce testing capabilities in place, our client’s ability to drive growth, manage their customer relationships and enhance their sales and marketing efforts would be at risk.

To streamline their operations and reduce costs, our client needed engineers capable of conducting both forms of Salesforce testing. Familiar with our capabilities and successes for similar clients over the previous decade, they reached out to our Salesforce Engineering experts for help.


Prolifics’ Salesforce Engineering team proposed the implementation of Quality Fusion, a test automation IP accelerator developed in the Prolifics Innovation Center to integrate functional and automation. To showcase its capabilities, our Salesforce Engineering team delivered a presentation that highlighted Quality Fusion’s ability to automate our client’s Salesforce application and streamline their business processes. This presentation focused on critical scenarios for automation and performance testing.

To further demonstrate the effectiveness of Quality Fusion, we conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) that specifically addressed our client’s business problem. This POC effectively showcased the practical application and functionality of the tool. We then automated our client’s operations using Quality Fusion to demonstrate its ability to enhance efficiency and productivity.


We have significantly improved three important aspects for our client: cost, quality and time. By applying automation, our client’s testing costs and their overall time required for execution has significantly decreased. This improvement in all three parameters has resulted in a favorable return on investment.

These automation efforts have also significantly improved our client’s go-to-market strategy. By reducing their cycle time for implementing changes to their products, our client is able to bring their products and services to market more quickly.

Automation also helps our client to detect defects at an early stage. As soon as we kick start the automation process, we can swiftly identify and address any defects, ensuring a smoother development and release process.

More on Salesforce Engineering

This success story comes from Prolifics’ Salesforce Engineering offering. It’s our process of designing, developing and maintaining software applications built on the Salesforce platform. Our offering includes programming languages, frameworks, tools, integrations, security, scalability and performance. Salesforce Engineering helps to build a robust and scalable platform for you to drive growth.

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