Become a Data-Driven Business: Answers in Analytics – Verus Financial

February 18, 2020
Become a Data-Driven Business: Answers in Analytics – Verus Financial

Get to Know a Market Leader

In over a decade of business, the Prolifics Information Management and Analytics practice has successfully delivered business value on hundreds of customer engagements.  We focus exclusively on turning data into valuable business information.  As a result, our customers are more competitive, efficient, and profitable.

With the help of Prolifics Analytics solutions, Verus Financial is returning billions of dollars of unclaimed life insurance to its rightful beneficiaries

Information Management and Business Analytics

Successful analytics programs are supported by a solid information management foundation based on governance, security, integration, and master data management. Prolifics has unique capabilities to build this foundation by leveraging our proven methodologies and practices, prebuilt accelerators and solutions. With customized solutions driven by proven expertise, we deliver faster, more cost effectively and with less risk.

Prolifics drives Data Asset Valuation through Information Governance, empowering our clients with a better understanding of the nature and value of their enterprise data. Our commitment to emerging trends and technologies allows us to guide customers in their journey towards next generation data management and analytics environments. We have helped organizations migrate data from legacy platforms to more flexible and cost effective cloud-based data warehouse and data lake systems.

Aligning Technology to Business

Once the foundation is in place, we align the technology to the business through our Enterprise Analytics capabilities. We have enabled our customer’s sales, marketing, operations and financial performance management to be more efficient, cost effective and agile. We integrate this foundation with predictive analytics, big data, performance management, master data management, information governance, and business information solutions to create meaningful growth for our customers.

Drive Your Business with Data

Prolifics provides data and analytics services that enable organizations to leverage their data into actionable insights, leveraging a full data lifecycle approach.

  • Data Integration. Draw data out from its various sources and create a unified view of your data, opening the way to deriving meaningful insight.
  • Data Quality and Governance.  Deliver confidence in your data (right people in the right context), confidence in your ability to accelerate value in your project delivery, and confidence in your skills.
  • Master Data Management.  Integrate core customer, product, and asset information across operational systems for better customer services, lower customer churn, and increased sales penetration and thus revenue.
  • Financial Performance Management.  Help your finance organization optimize performance management processes and excel with better analytics and insight.
  • Enterprise Analytics.  Leverage big data to deepen customer engagement, optimize operations, prevent threats and fraud, and capitalize on new sources of revenue.

Prolifics’ Data Managed Services delivers design, development, maintenance, administration, and support for our client’s data management and analytics projects.

Real Return on Investment

We leverage our deep industry knowledge, broad functional experience and mastery of technology to help our customers build robust business solutions that deliver real return on investment by delivering high quality, on time, on budget projects.

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