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Ebook: API Security Testing for Dummies

Identify API Vulnerabilities and Secure Your Data

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Identify API Security Risks

APIs have become the cornerstone of digital transformation, constituting a whopping 80% of today’s online activity. As organisations embrace this shift, they find themselves grappling with an average of 15,000 APIs to safeguard, a number that’s escalating with the continuous influx of new applications into the market.

With developers deploying code at an unprecedented rate, the potential for security vulnerabilities sneaking into production applications has never been higher. To counter this threat, it’s imperative that APIs undergo rigorous testing for design flaws and misconfigurations across their entire lifecycle.

Download this ebook to learn how to:

  • Fix vulnerabilities before production
  • Minimise the risk of breaches and data leaks
  • Release secure code at scale
  • Embed API security in the API design process