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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: AI-powered automation

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Cut costs by 33% and accelerate development by 300%.

Effective integration of applications and data is essential to digital transformation, with 80% of leading organizations providing their employees secure and timely access to relevant data, empowering them to make better business decisions.

Traditional approaches to integration are slow to implement, hard to scale and laden by skill-intensive, complex technologies. A new, AI-accelerated approach to integration is needed. It must be one that enables extended teams to create integrations, uses a complete set of integration styles and capabilities, and embeds AI and automation to accelerate creation of integration mapping, API test creation, anomaly detection and workload balancing.

Achieve the optimal mix of existing and new system development by modernizing core applications to be cloud-native and unlocking the value of your data while sunsetting other systems.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration delivers this new approach, extending AI-powered automation across the integration lifecycle. With it, companies are able to speed their integration development by 300%, reduce costs of integration by over 33% and increase overall operational efficiency while maintaining enhanced security, governance and availability.

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